Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: What It Is and How to Succeed

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: What It Is and How to Succeed

Across the internet, thousands of enterprising individuals are making use of affiliate marketing in order to earn some easy cash through promotional activities.

It's a low-cost, low-risk venture, and one that you can start today.

This guide will walk you through how you can set up an affiliate marketing company and how you can get earning straight away via a series of tools, techniques and strategies.

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But before all of that, we'd better get you acquainted with exactly what this form of marketing is, why it's something you can do on your own, and how it generates so much money for the most successful affiliate marketers out there today.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing - What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing isn't rocket science: it's just a very simple way to earn some cash without spending hours upon hours setting up your business.

Thousands of individuals do it, and many comfortably earn six-figure salaries for their troubles.

In essence, affiliate marketing is about promotional partnerships. You'll promote someone's product or service, and they'll reward you with either a flat rate for doing so or a percentage of the sales revenue that you generate.

It's as simple as that.

The key to all of this is to prove to the partner you're promoting that the person who purchased something from their website was introduced and directed to the website by you – in other words, from your promotional content.

That's something that's tracked by a specific feature of web technology, which we'll get onto later.

You get paid each time someone who you introduce to your partner ends up purchasing a product from the partner you're promoting. Over time, this can really add up – with money rolling in every hour of every day.

Why do affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing - Why do affiliate marketing?

The simple answer to this question is of course to make money. But it's about more than simply generating cash, seeing as any old online job will have you earning cash.

The reason affiliate marketing is such a no-brainer for those with digital skills is that you'll spend very little cash getting such an enterprise off the ground – which means you're not at risk of losing your money if you want to start something for yourself.

Furthermore, you'll experience little risk of the whole project not working – it's something that is easy to succeed in and to scale, especially once you have the traction and the traffic to start appealing to larger brands.

Success stories in affiliate marketing see individuals earning five-figure sums every month for very little effort or risk.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate Marketing - How does affiliate marketing work?

The key technology that underpins affiliate marketing is the affiliate cookie.

That's what vendors use to know for certain that web traffic to their site came via your particular website (rather than from elsewhere) and the hyperlinks to products and services that you host there.

Cookies are essentially small packets of information that can track across the internet via a web browser. They help you log in to your social media with ease – and they help affiliate marketers show that traffic is passing from their site to the websites of their partners.

What's particularly neat about the affiliate cookie is that it has a lifespan of 24 hours on e-commerce websites such as Amazon.

That means that someone could click your link, make a coffee, pick up the kids from school and make dinner before returning to Amazon to complete their purchase – and you'll still be rewarded with a commission, which the vendors will be alerted to via the cookie.

How much money can I make as an affiliate marketer?

Affiliate Marketing - How much money can I make as an affiliate marketer?

One of the many aspects of affiliate marketing that people find so enticing is the vast sums of cash that you may be able to earn.

There are influencers and thought leaders in the affiliate marketing space who make upwards of $160,000 per month.

They've taken years to get there, but by following smart and time-worn strategies, they've scaled up their repertoire until they're earning a mighty passive income.

You'll not hit the six figure sums for some time, though. Everyone has to start small, generating the odd dollar here and there, until they manage to capture more traffic and promote more goods and services on their website.

Slowly, you'll see your income rising continuously and sustainably – especially if you follow some of the advice below.

How to get started with affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing - How to get started with affiliate marketing

If the above sounds like something you would be interested in dipping a toe into, then you can get started right away.

It should be pointed out that "getting started" doesn't mean starting to earn. Starting on your affiliate journey is about establishing yourself and learning the ropes.

Don't think about earning money yet. Your earnings as an affiliate marketer tend to grow gradually and, following success, exponentially.

Starting out is just the first step in a longer, disciplined, yet exciting journey towards earning the big bucks in this space.

So here's a guide for aspiring affiliate marketers, starting with a step-by-step setup process that involves:

  • Picking a platform
  • Identifying a niche
  • Finding affiliate programs
  • Making brilliant content
  • Maximizing your traffic
  • Generating clicks on your links
  • Converting clicks to sales

We'll run through these one by one in order for you to get set up right away.

Picking a platform

Affiliate Marketing -Step-by-step setup process - Picking a platform

Gone are the days when a blog or personal website was the only way to get stuck in to affiliate marketing. Now, you can use everything from TikTok to Instagram, YouTube to Facebook.

When it comes to social media, affiliate marketing is, in some sense, in its early days. You'll have heard of Instagram influencers, which are essentially doing something akin to affiliate marketing, although they're often paid upfront for their promotions.

Now, firms are starting to see the value of TikTok, though affiliate marketing on this platform is certainly in its infancy.

There are still considered to be two excellent platforms for affiliate marketing: starting a YouTube channel or starting a blog.

YouTube channels are easy to set up, they're free to run, and you'll be able to make use of YouTube's marketing features in order to have your channel found and seen.

Blogs, on the other hand, are easy to set up but will cost you a little money to run and maintain. The upside of running a blog is that it's the platform where people often click links – so this is generally preferred by affiliate marketers.

There are plenty of other ways in which bloggers are making money. To learn more about these, check out our article How Blogging Makes Money.

Be aware the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires any affiliate marketers to declare their activity on their platform. Make sure you're doing this in order to avoid fines.

A simple statement at the top of your blog post is normally enough and it is a common enough sight now that people won't leave your post because of it.

Identifying a niche

Next up, you will want to find your niche. A sports blog will compete with hundreds of thousands of sporting websites – and you're very unlikely to get found amid the noise and the clamor.

Instead, focus on a specific sport or even a specific aspect of that sport, in order to generate more views and get found on Google.

Once you're happy with your niche, it'll be time to set to work thinking about the content that aligns with that niche. For this reason, it's important to select a niche that you're knowledgeable in or that you are passionate about.

That'll make the work of creating content a whole lot easier and means that you can produce a lot of good quality content, allowing you to build up a steady audience.

If you're struggling to determine which niche will suit you, it's worthwhile looking up some of the world's most successful and famous affiliate marketers, who will, of course, share their websites in their PR publications.

See which niches they chose and how they first began publishing content in that niche. If you can translate their approach to your own choice of niche, you'll be following in the footsteps of some of the field's most successful self-starters.

Finding affiliate programs

Many firms run affiliate programs. Some offer a high fee for each referral, while others offer low fees.

The difference in fees doesn't mean that you should jump at the higher fees, though; they're often offered because the pool of customers that the product or service is targeting is extremely small.

Meanwhile, a pair of sneakers has a potential accessible market of billions. So sneaker vendors won't offer you a high reward for each sale you generate for them – but you might end up earning more because of the sheer volume of people who will click on your links and buy those sneakers.

Deciding which affiliate program to join means considering your niche and your expertise.

If your niche is in business cybersecurity, you might want to look out for those enterprise-quality software packages that'll give you a high fee for a referral – because there aren't many people out there looking to purchase such software.

You don't want to be marketing sneakers on such a blog because your audience do not go to you for advice on shoes – doing so will just make them mistrust your blog and less likely to return to it in future.

Meanwhile, if you do focus on sports, the sneakers example might work just fine – and you'll instead want to search for affiliate programs that offer low fees but do have the chance for you to send huge volumes of traffic to certain websites.

Finally, your expertise does mean something in your decision. Some niches are more competitive than others, which means a steeper learning curve for you before you make money.

Bear this in mind as you consider which affiliate program you'll choose to join.

Making brilliant content

Affiliate marketers cannot rely on their technical nous to make them cash: they all need high-quality content which answers people's questions and serves their needs.

We strongly recommend Grammarly as your typing assistant. This AI powered application reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity etc.

For instance, a bland article about "the best laptops in 2022" might not do so well as a more advanced and engaging article that states "I tried the ten top laptops on the market today: here's what I found out".

People often enjoy a human touch, as this shows that you've actually been acquainted with the products and you're happy to share your views on them.

Use your imagination in order to keep generating high-quality content that'll get clicks and gain you a reputation for astute reviews and product discussions. That's how you'll make it as an affiliate marketer.

Obviously, buying ten laptops for testing isn't exactly cheap. So as you're starting out, consider what you can try and review without having to purchase products.

Are you excited about Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Try the best AI writers Jasper, CopyAI, INK Editor.

You might be able to talk with sales advisors, or interview those in-the-know about a market, to get a good idea of which products you'd like to recommend to your readers, without having to purchase them.

Remember that building trust with your audience is important for this form of marketing, and you must be open about how well you have reviewed or tested products. That goes for laptops, cosmetics, and clothing.

As well as running reviews, you might look to create content that taps into something that's taken the social media world by storm. Did a contestant on a famous reality TV show wear a statement outfit in a recent episode?

Is the film that just hit the box office causing a stir? Find ways to talk about these widely-known and talked about events and make them relevant to your field to capture more traffic online.

Maximizing Your Traffic

With great content comes higher volumes of traffic. But you'll not generate the optimal, maximal level of traffic from great content alone.

You'll also need to make sure you're following tried-and-tested marketing methods in order to get your content and your website seen by more and more people over time.

There are three ways to get more traffic to your website. The first is the simplest, and the most expensive: you can pay for your posts to be promoted – on Google, Facebook, Instagram and other websites – so that it's put in front of more eyeballs online.

These platforms will help you target your paid adverts at the groups you feel your content is most relevant to.

The second option is to concentrate on SEO strategies that you can use in order to make your website easier to find.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it comprises of a set of techniques and tactics that marketers use to get seen on Google's search results listing pages.

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Google ranks websites based on a number of factors, and SEO techniques aim to improve a website's ranking. This option takes some SEO prowess, which you can learn to perform online.

Finally, you could set up a mailing list that'll have one-time readers coming back for more, when you remind them of the great content that you're creating online. Ask people to subscribe to a newsletter if they've enjoyed your articles and offer a free product to sweeten the deal.

Generating click on your links

With the above taken care of, you'll still need people to click on the links in your website copy in order to start making money from your blogging efforts. Links aren't always clicked, but years of research have revealed what makes people click links.

People tend to click links that are placed higher up in an article. Don't bury your link in the bottom half of the piece – it's something many readers won't even reach. Try to avoid putting links in sidebars or after bullet points too, as these are often less clicked on.

The content of your link is also important. If you've just spent a paragraph waxing lyrical about the aforementioned sneakers, the end of that paragraph is a pretty perfect place to put a link that'll have readers taking a look themselves.

Make readers excited, and then reward them with a link to go take a look for themselves.

Calls to action (CTA) are your final option to attract clicks. We've all seen these boxes: colorful and clickable, saying something like "check out the sneakers here".

Beware of over-reliance on these CTA boxes, though, as some web users see them as potentially leading to a spam website.

Converting clicks to sales

It's not entirely up to you to convert the clicks your website generates into sales. But you should also do all you can to make sure that they stand the best chance of being converted – leaving you with more cash for your affiliate marketing efforts.

One way to help increase your conversion rate is to research your affiliate partners. Take a look at their website: are they doing the best they can to persuade web users to go through to the checkout?

Is the website sleek and modern, with no friction – or is it old and clunky and therefore somewhere that consumers might not trust?

If the partners you're working with have disappointing websites, all your work in generating them traffic might come to nothing.

You can go further to see if the websites that you're thinking of partnering with have published any conversion figures or sales figures publicly, as this will give you some idea as to their conversion rate.

If all else fails, fall back on your intuition – it's often a good guide when it comes to selecting the right affiliate partners. After all, if you wouldn't buy from a company or through their website, why would you expect anyone else to?

On the flip side, you'll be able to spot a website that's elegantly designed and carefully curated so that users will follow through naturally to products pages and through the checkout.

Try this yourself, treating yourself as a casual web user to see which websites feel easiest to shop on. They make some of the best affiliate marketing partners out there, so see if you can work with them.

Affiliate marketing tools

Now that we've run through the steps that you'll need to take in order to build up an affiliate marketing program of your own, it's time to take a look at the many tools out there on the internet that are designed to help you boost your affiliate marketing programs.

We'll focus particularly on using email marketing in order to grow your reach and generate a high volume of clicks, as well as how to go about web hosting, and how to edit killer videos for YouTube.

These tools are not just out there to make your life easier – many of them are absolutely essential for ambitious affiliate marketers.

Seeing as you'll likely be going it alone as an affiliate marketer, there are only so many hours in your working day to create content, establish partnerships, and keep readers engaged.

Any tool designed to streamline these processes is a huge asset in your affiliate marketing journey.

The Best email marketing providers for affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing - The Best email marketing providers for affiliate marketing

As mentioned earlier, email marketing is a great way to make one-time readers into loyal followers who regularly purchase the products that you recommend.

These emails can include affiliate links, bypassing the need for any reader to go from your email to your website and then to your affiliate partner's site.

They do, of course, rely on you getting hold of the email addresses of those who read your content and enjoy your website. This should be something you press on visitors, often with a pop-up asking visitors to sign up for your newsletters.

Email marketing tools are particularly useful because they allow you to send high-quality, curated emails to a large number of people – even automating them, scheduling them for later, and setting up automatic responses if people reply to your emails.

Learn more about affiliate email marketing here.

We've highlighted three of these services for your consideration:

  • GetResponse
  • LeadPages
  • ActiveCampaign

Let's take a closer look at these three tools so that you can decide which might be best for you to experiment with.

This list is by no means exhaustive, as email marketing has experienced something of a renaissance in recent years. But these three options represent real value for money when it comes to re-engaging existing customers.


Affiliate Marketing - GetResponse - Affiliate email marketing platform

There are many automated email providers out there, but GetResponse is certainly one of the more impressive ones.

It'll only charge you for sending out bulk emails when you hit a certain threshold, and to experiment with this platform is absolutely free. The email templates are user-friendly even for those who've never created a marketing email before.

As well as helping you send out high-quality emails to your subscribers, you'll have access to analytics to show which links were clicked from each email, and how often.

This will help you hone your email marketing approach over time, learning which links are most popular with your readers.

Try GetResponse >>


Affiliate Marketing - LeadPages - Affiliate email marketing platform

As the name suggests, LeadPages are the experts in generating leads from visits to your website. What this means is that you'll be able to use their service to collect more email addresses, which you'll then target with your automated email campaigns.

The beauty of LeadPages actually lies in their high-quality, luxurious webpages, which they'll help you design in order to get people exploring your website.

Add to this their years of experience in knowing exactly where to place a CTA button or an affiliate link, and you'll benefit from some of the most impressive experts in the business when it comes to generating sign-ups and clicks.

Try LeadPages >>


Affiliate Marketing - ActiveCampaign - Affiliate email marketing platform

Start out on a free trial to experience the power afforded by ActiveCampaign's email marketing software. If you're impressed, you'll be able to sign up for a small monthly fee to use their complete suite of services.

These include all that you'd expect from an email marketing software provider: automated emails, templates, tracking and analytics, and automatic responders.

As the firm's marketing says: "it's like getting an extra employee without getting an extra desk".

The software is a multiple award winner across marketing categories and it's all set to save you time while generating you more of those all-important clicks on your affiliate links.

Try ActiveCampaign >>

The Best web hosting for affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing - The Best web hosting for affiliate marketing

With the email branch of your affiliate marketing efforts dealt with, it's time to focus back on the website or blog that you're running.

Running a stable website is crucial for the success of your affiliate marketing program because any downtime will mean lost clicks – as well as being regarded by Google's algorithms as unreliable.

Unstable websites get demoted on Google's search results pages, leaving you with far less exposure.

As such, you'll want to partner with a reliable web host. These come in different shapes and forms. Often, a cheap host will offer poor services.

They'll provide sketchy and patchy support when your website runs into issues, and they'll have no guaranteed "up-time" for you to rely upon. That's why we're only going to highlight hosts that are reputable and professional, offering excellent support to their customers.

As such, we're introducing three of the top options to give you an idea of which you should partner with – and why.

We've hand-picked these three for your consideration:

  • Bluehost
  • HostGator
  • SiteGround

Are you still looking for the best web hosting providers? Check out our ultimate review here.

Let's see why these are three of the top options for your hosting partner, giving a little more detail on why we selected them and the security and support you can enjoy from all three.


Affiliate Marketing - Bluehost - One of the best web hosting providers for affiliate marketing

For less than $3 a month, you can partner with Bluehost in order to get your web platform up and running.

Hosting is of course the method by which you'll run a stable, accessible website on the internet. All websites need a web host and some are more reliable and helpful than others.

Bluehost is regarded as highly reliable. They've been in the game long enough to know which sticking points end up frustrating businesses who might not be able to code or design a website from scratch.

As such, they offer website building services, WordPress assistance, and a resource center full of tools and tips to help you build a marvelous website.

Try Bluehost >>


Affiliate Marketing - HostGator - One of the best web hosting providers for affiliate marketing

Like the reptile that inspires its name, HostGator is a snappy way of getting up and running on the internet in no time at all.

What's particularly relevant is HostGator's services towards affiliates, who are able to make use of their specific advice and tools in order to get their website optimized for the purpose they're designing it in the first place.

When you sign up, you'll be offered a free domain name for a year, which is a nice sweetener to the deal. Meanwhile, you'll enjoy a huge array of web hosting options, support, and what they've confidently called a "99.9%" up-time or time online.

That makes HostGator one of the most reliable and trustworthy hosts out there. For any affiliate marketer, that's exactly what you should be looking for.

Try HostGator >>


Affiliate Marketing - SiteGround - One of the best web hosting providers for affiliate marketing

"Crafted with care" is SiteGround's motto, and you can really see it in their offerings.

Like the above two hosting examples, SiteGround is optimized to run your website as quickly as possible, which means that it'll take less time loading on the screens of your readers than your competitors. This is important in a time when most internet users will click away from a site which doesn't load in 3 seconds.

SiteGround's hosting support is second-to-none – so you'll not have to worry if you find that you're running into issues as you build your website through their portal.

Meanwhile, you'll have access to all the very latest website technology when you partner with SiteGround, which means that you'll be able to use plug-ins and features which older websites (and the competitors who run them) simply don't have.

Try SiteGround >>

The Best video editing software for marketers

Affiliate Marketing - The Best video editing software for marketers

Finally, if you're looking to use YouTube as your platform of choice, you'll want to learn how to make impressive, engaging and exciting videos from the comfort of your own home.

As with every other digital domain in the world, there are tools out here to help you stitch together videos that'll leave visitors with little choice but to click on your links.

Of course, learning to edit videos is a skill unto itself. But with the three software suggestions listed below you'll have all the help you need to get cracking with your very first video today.

Those software suggestions are:

  • Corel video studio Pro
  • Wondershare filmora
  • EasyUs video editor

Are you still looking for the best video editing software? We have reviewed them all for you: The Best Video Editing Software (Ranks and Reviews).

Again, we'll walk you through each of these to show you why we've selected them as key tools for you to consider. By visiting their websites, you'll be able to browse through their entire suite of features, watch their promotional videos, and even download a free trial of the software to toy around with.

Corel VideoStudio Pro

Affiliate Marketing - Corel VideoStudio Pro - One of the best video editing software for marketers

What makes Corel's video editing software so popular is the intuitive user interface. You'll not be dazzled by a million buttons and drop-down menus featuring video jargon.

Instead, you'll be able to click, drag, extend, edit and apply effects to clips that you upload to the platform.

You can, of course, delve deeper to enjoy a wide world of features and snazzy effects, but the basic level of engagement is also high quality and simple to use.

Video editors often complain that the software they use is slow and jumpy. That's not the case with Corel's platform, which is fast to render and supports the highest quality of video in the modern world. That makes your editing easier and less frustrating.

It'll also mean that you can concentrate more on how you stitch together your videos so that your audience is wowed by what you're saying and showing.

Corel also supports a community of video editors who often provide tips, feedback, and tutorials of their own, which means engaging with this platform will feel like joining a group of supportive peers who are only interested in improving your skills and teaching you the ropes.

That's especially important and useful for those affiliate marketers who are yet to fully master the skill of editing a video professionally.

Try Corel VideoStudio Pro >>

Wondershare Filmora

Affiliate Marketing - Wondershare Filmora - One of the best video editing software for marketers

Also easy to use and intuitive to pick up, Wondershare Filmora feels built for the novice. It will help you to produce dazzling videos that you might have previously felt were the preserve of experienced video editors.

At the same time, they offer a wide variety of resources to help you get to grips with their more advanced features, allowing you to continually improve as a video editor as you pick up your affiliate marketing efforts.

Another useful feature of this platform is that it supports the sourcing or royalty-free stock media that you can add to your videos.

That's a huge time-saver if you're looking to make videos without taking high-quality footage yourself, which can be prohibitively expensive as well as time-consuming.

Just search through their library, check the box that means you'll only be shown free-to-use clips, and find the moving image that works best for you.

The same search facility can allow you to access paid-for clips, which you may decide are worth investing in for your videos.

The whole platform is built to cater to any type of video editor, but with particular attention paid to the newcomer to the field, with easy, intuitive, and enjoyable interfaces sitting in front of more complex features that the experts of the video editing world may well wish to access.

Try Wondershare Filmora >>

EaseUS Video Editor

Affiliate Marketing - EaseUS Video Editor - One of the best video editing software for marketers

While the above options do offer easy-to-use interfaces, it's the EasyUs editor that's particularly beginner-friendly.

Their team have stripped back the video editing process to just the bare bones so that you can retain an untroubled mind as you quickly chuck together your recordings and bind them together in the most engaging and colorful manner.

As well as offering perhaps the easiest video editing interface out there, you'll also be able to make use of some terrific video effects, which the software company is proud to declare could have your video ready within minutes.

Everything's geared towards simplicity, which means that those pressed for time often end up choosing EasyUs.

If there is a downside to this particular video editing software, it's that experienced and professional video editors are likely to find the features a little basic, restricting what they feel they can do with their videos.

Such experts would tend to choose the above two options rather than settling with a beginner's software.

That said, advanced or intermediate video editors enjoy using EasyUs for precisely this simplicity: it helps them to get videos polished up and uploaded with the minimum of effort, increasing their output.

Try EaseUS Video Editor >>


There's a lot to unpack and explore in this article: a litany of the internet's best tools, as well as a complete, step-by-step guide to affiliate marketing.

You'll be tempted to visit the websites of the tools we've mentioned, research famous affiliate marketers, and look into different methods of getting set up.

With everything we've explored, we know that you may well be left with some lingering questions.

We've done our best to list five of the most frequently asked questions, and our responses to those questions, below.

When will my affiliate marketing blog begin generating money?

This is something beginners in affiliate marketing often wonder. The truth is that you'll not start generating much more than a handful of dollars a month from your earliest efforts, because you will just not be that established.

The real question when it comes to generating money is in what order you perform the steps outlined above to set up your affiliate marketing blog.

For instance, some affiliate marketers actually use an existing blog with some level of traffic.

That's an excellent method, because it means that you'll not have to focus so much on marketing your blog.

You can instead invest time and cash in finding the right affiliate programs. Other websites start from scratch, and you shouldn't expect these to generate anything near a wage for the first handful of months that you're building up your readership, your email subscribers, and your affiliate partners.

Which are the most profitable affiliates to partner with?

This varies. Generally, you'll find that affiliates that sell high-priced products will tend to offer high commissions to their affiliate partners.

You can imagine which kinds of companies these might be: the likes of laptop and smartphone vendors or subscription services that anticipate years of payments from customers.

Still, these might not be the most profitable partners to select. Depending largely on your niche and your expertise, it's often most profitable for affiliate marketers to partner with firms that sell high volumes of mid-priced products.

Today, a PlayStation or Xbox game retails for around $50. Millions of these games are sold per year. If you're earning 5% on hundreds of these sales per month, you'll quickly amass an impressive income – and from just one affiliate partner.

How does email marketing actually work?

We've mentioned email marketing, but we've not gone into great detail about how it works.

Essentially, marketing via email relies on you collecting the email address and the consent of the owners of those addresses in order to send bulk emails out to your email subscribers. You're trying to share a succinct email that gets your message across as quickly and as simply as possible.

Let's say you have a mailing list of around 500 people. Around 30% may open and read your email, and around 20% of those might click a link. If a percentage of those end up making a purchase from that affiliate link, you'll get paid your commission.

So email marketing is a numbers game – but it's something you can hone over time and with the right content aimed at the right readers.

Learn more about affiliate email marketing here.

Email marketing isn't just used for affiliate marketing purposes – it's also something that most big brands will perform each week. Even smaller businesses see the value of this form of marketing – keeping in touch and in the minds of their customers.

Given that email marketing is so popular, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to resources teaching you how to use emails effectively and which platforms are the best to partner with.

Where are affiliate links on YouTube?

Good question. You can't put a link as the title of your YouTube video (not least because no one would ever find it).

Your affiliate links are going to have to be down in the description of your video or in the comments.

The reason YouTube affiliate marketing is sometimes shunned is because many viewers will never check either of these written spaces and will simply watch the video and move on.

That's why you need to make sure your affiliate links are as high up in your video description as possible. You should also make sure to mention in the video itself that there are links for your viewers to click in the video description.

Mention this at least once per video so that your regular viewers are reminded that there are links they can follow from your YouTube channel. Links to tools you are using in the video work especially well for this.

It's worth mentioning that sponsors are not examples of affiliate marketing. Many YouTubers have shunned affiliate marketing in favor of a sponsor, who they will speak about for around two minutes over a 30-minute video.

Their link will be in the description too, but the fee for the sponsorship is usually paid upfront.

Can affiliate marketing generate a passive income?

Absolutely. If you want to keep any affiliate marketing enterprise growing and sustaining itself, you're going to have to keep optimizing your content, adding new links to new products, and generally making sure you're monitoring your website and taking care of issues as they arise.

If you're happy to let your blog run on in the background for a handful of months, though, you'll still generate income from clicks and sales on the websites of your affiliate marketing partners.

That's a passive income: one you have to do nothing at all to receive. Few affiliate marketers choose this path, though, because building a following is all about momentum – and taking some weeks or months off could lead to you losing ground on your affiliate marketing rivals.

So yes, you can earn a passive income from affiliate marketing. The problem is, the longer you leave your blog or channel untouched, the more readers and viewers you'll lose, and the less you'll make each month.

Balancing your other commitments with the upkeep of your affiliate marketing project is a far more prudent way to go, helping you at least to maintain the level of earnings you're enjoying from your affiliate marketing partnerships.

Summary of affiliate marketing

In this guide, you've got to grips with the basics of affiliate marketing.

You've learned how it works and how profitable a successful affiliate marketing venture can be. You've understood that setting up an affiliate marketing campaign is relatively simple, straightforward, cost-effective and risk-free.

This article has also highlighted some of the most popular tools that'll help drive your efforts to earn huge sums of money from affiliate marketing.

This is a field that there are many players within, which is why we've advised you find a niche that you're particularly interested or knowledgeable in. It's also a field in which it's difficult to initially grow, hence our advice to be patient, using techniques to market your posts and your website.

Finally, you've got some idea about the best and worst affiliate marketing partners.

Some will generate you a few cents per converted click, while others will offer dollars upon dollars for the traffic you send to their website.

There's plenty of research that you ought to do in order to take your next steps – in terms of your niche, your competitors, and affiliate programs in your space – but this article provides the bare bones that you can flesh out in your own time.

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Rafael W.

Head of the content. Rafael is an entrepreneur, investor, software developer, SEO specialist, natural problem solver and startup enthusiast.


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