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We will improve your SEO, increase traffic to your website and optimise your business

We can guarantee increased traffic to your website.

But why stop there?

Traffic without conversion is meaningless, so we set the structure of the page and its elements to maximise the conversion rate.

How can we afford to do it and others can't?

We are a team of analysts, investors, programmers, mathematicians and bold marketers building synergy at every moment of our work.

Are you familiar with the Pareto principle, i.e. the 80/20 rule?

By resolving 1/5 of the biggest problems, you eliminate 4/5 of the consequences.

This rule implies that we already know what your greatest problems are and where your business is haemorrhaging the most.

So let us remove them right away.

We are more than just some ordinary Business Consulting (SEO) agency whose goal is their profit; our services are comprehensive and work together like a perfect orchestra, and therefore our goal is your profit.

We are a group of skilled


We take care of your money by making it valuable in the form of services we provide for you in return. That’s why we have successful CEOs and investors on our team.


We know what is normal distribution, random walk, a Markov chain, stochastic matrix, eigenvector, and we know how Page Rank works – the top ranking factor of Google (and other search engines). This is exactly the reason why we are good at link building - the most important part of your SEO.


We will analyse your current website/company status and propose the fastest possible way to increase your traffic, increase conversion and, last but not least, increase your profit. Real experts know that there is no official division of SEO into on-page, technical and off-page, i.e. there is only SEO, so avoid companies that use this division solely for their marketing purposes. To a certain extent, we consider third-party SEO indicators such as domain authority (DA), domain rating (DR), trust flow (TF), spam score (SS), etc., but mainly we are guided only by trusted sources expressing the performance of the site and, with the help of webmasters tools directly from the companies owning the search engines. Which is why our team also includes analysts.


We are a leader in creating marketing campaigns using the psychoanalysis of your target audience. This is why bold marketers are important members of our team.


We understand how binary logic works and we work confidently with different programming languages and design databases; we perform security audits, integrate AI, and continuously improve in quantum physics and quantum computing. And that's why we have programmers on our team.

If you are currently using SEO or any other consulting services of other companies and you are not satisfied with them or are not sure whether they adequately provide you with the services you paid for, do not hesitate to contact us and we will verify whether they are really as professional as they claim or whether they are just taking you for a ride.

With this approach, we have already saved our clients a great deal of money, worry and time.

We can also optimise your business and make your life more pleasant – simply contact us.

As our services are in great demand from relatively small but also large multinational companies, we are very selective in our client selection.

However, if we choose to work with you, you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality of service.

Contact us via Form or via info@yourtopblog.com.

Do you want
more clients?

We will improve your SEO,
increase traffic to your website
and optimise your business.


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powerful DR 90 backlinks?

We’re a team of expert link builders who focus on quality over quantity.

Do you want
more clients?

We will improve your SEO,
increase traffic to your website
and optimise your business.