Top 46 Websites for Freelance Content Writers to Make More Money

Top 46 Websites for Freelance Content Writers to Make More Money

For those with a way with words and a penchant for the page and the paragraph, content writing makes for an enjoyable, diverse, and endlessly rewarding career.

The problem is most content writers aren’t getting the high-quality, frequent and sustainable work that’ll actually progress their career and see them earning more and more cash over time.

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There are plenty of content writing jobs out there, but there are also plenty of content writers competing for those jobs.

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So, to get the best jobs – in terms of career-defining opportunities and in terms of the rates that you are paid – you’ll need to be abreast of all the best content writing job platforms.

This guide has compiled the 46 most rewarding platforms for freelance content writers to build a profile upon and to get started in making more money and securing more exciting work.

Each of these options sees thousands of opportunities uploaded per day, which you can scour through in order to find a match for your skills, your interests, and your financial requirements.

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Fiverr - An Online Marketplace For Freelancers

A relatively new kid on the block when it comes to offering freelance work, Fiverr quickly became the most popular freelancer platform, especially for writers, after offering free membership to freelancers everywhere.

That membership helps you to explore the opportunities that are hosted on the platforms and to set up a profile that shares your work, skills, experience, and rates.

Your profile is your shop-front, and it’s what potential clients look at when they’re searching for talent.

What Fiverr does keep, despite the free membership fee, is 20% of what you earn from each commission.

So, it’s important to factor that cost in when you’re setting up your profile and sharing the kind of work you’re interested in completing for clients.

The fact that hundreds of thousands of people use Fiverr for work gives you an idea of how acceptable this commission is to many freelancers.

How to get started as a freelancer on Fiverr?

Signing up for Fiverr is super-easy.

It’s free to create a profile, and it takes about five minutes to populate it with your previous experience, your rates, and your interests.

From there, you can wait to be found – or you can find gigs yourself by searching through the freelance jobs pages.

How much do they charge?

As mentioned above, you’ll be able to sign up and browse Fiverr for free.

Whenever you do accept a commission, you’ll give 20% of your fee to Fiverr for making the connection for you.

That means a job that costs your client $100 will earn you $80 and Fiverr $20.

Try Fiverr >>


FreeUp - Freelancing Platform

A rising star in the world of freelance writing platforms, you should certainly explore the opportunities hosted on FreeUp.

Even simply visiting its homepage will show you how this is a platform that gets right to the point: dividing visitors between freelancers and employers and explaining to employers that all the freelancers they’ll find are pre-vetted – making them trustworthy and reliable for the work that employers are arriving with.

Because of that latter trait, FreeUp is trusted by over 15,000 businesses, which regularly outsource project work to freelancers on the platform.

It’s cheaper for them to do that over going to an agency that will usually charge high fees.

And it often actually exposes them to better talent or people who are more likely to know about the niche that they’re working in.

So FreeUp will do the opposite of free up time for you: it’ll actually see you linked with great work, giving you more gigs and, as such, delivering more into your bank account each week.

How to get started as a freelancer on FreeUp?

You’ll want to click the “apply as a freelancer” button on the website, which will take you through a swift sign-up process.

The information you need to input for the sign-up process is necessarily a little more than other platforms because FreeUp is all about making sure you’re the right kind of freelancer for their USP: reliability.

Make sure you complete this sign-up process in one go, as answers don’t save when you come back to it later.

Next up, you’ll submit your application. You’ll wait a little while as the team at FreeUp review your profile, ensuring you’re a good match for them.

If you get the green light, they’ll interview you over the internet before finally granting you access to their wonderful array of freelance writing jobs.

How much do they charge?

Clients are billed weekly on FreeUp, which means you’re paid weekly too.

If you’re looking for some fast cash, or you just like to maintain a cash flow without having to wait until the end of each month for invoices to clear, this is an excellent system to work with.

The pricing structure for freelancers is subject to change, so it’s well worth asking about the cost of finding work through FreeUp once you’re at the interview stage.

Even if that fee is relatively high, you’ll be incentivized to stay due to the quality and volume of the work that you’ll find on FreeUp.

Rest assured, though, that this is a platform that claims to offer the top 1% of talent to its clients. As such, you’ll be able to charge far higher fees for your work than you would on other platforms – making FreeUp a particularly lucrative place to build up a profile and a set of clients.

Try FreeUp >>


Flexjobs - Remote Jobs For Freelancers

Up and running since 2007, Flexjobs is well known for the sheer range of opportunities shared on its platform.

With over 50 different niches to explore, this is the place to find the opportunities that interest you the most – often experience that you’ll use in your future career.

You might not find the best rates of pay here, but what you will find are interesting and unique opportunities to test your writing mettle in different fields and for a variety of different clients.

Flexjobs is just as you’d imagine: there are temporary contracts for full-time positions, as well as part-time, remote, hybrid, and commission-based work.

So, you can really use this platform to curate a lifestyle in which you work when and where you want. It’s flexible, and that’s why so many freelancers tend to leap onto this platform to find work when their other projects have died down a little.

How to get started as a freelancer on Flexjobs?

You’ll just need to register for an account, which is easy enough to do from the Flexjobs home page.

To actually view the work being offered – and to take on jobs – you’ll have to pay a $6.95 fee for a week.

That’s nothing, of course, because most writing assignments, especially those that’ll take a couple of weeks to complete, will earn you 100x that amount.

How much do they charge?

Flexjobs is different from Fiverr in that they’re looking for a subscription fee rather than a commission fee that comes out of your earnings.

This may well work out as more cost-effective, saving you cash in the long run. There are four subscription options available at Flexjobs:

  • One week’s subscription will cost you $6.95
  • One month’s subscription costs you $14.95
  • Three months will cost you $29.95
  • One year will cost you $49.95

As you’ll see, the prices taper as your subscription lengthens, making the one-year subscription the most cost-effective if you plan on using Flexjobs for a long period of time.

The subscription gives you access to every job on the platform, as well as email alerts for specific jobs after they’re uploaded, and the ability to curate your profile for others to find and contact.


Upwork - Work Marketplace & Freelancing Platform

Another of the famous and appreciated upstarts in the world of freelance work, Upwork has a huge number of fans in both industries and in the freelance community itself.

It’s how work should work, as Upwork would put it, and that means that you’ll have to put in very little backwork in order to find the opportunities that match with your skillset or your experience to date.

Clients – or those tendering projects – love the platform for its simplicity, its simple UI, and the fact that it’s populated by brilliant freelancers who they can trust to do a great job on their projects.

They also don’t have to search long to find a list of abundant talent that they can choose from to get work packages done as quickly as possible.

Freelancers are fans of Upwork because of the types of work that the platform attracts – often fairly lucrative, including from startups and smaller companies that are set to grow into huge firms.

That makes the work exciting while providing freelancers with opportunities to make a real difference to developing companies.

How to get started as a freelancer on Upwork?

Signing up to Upwork is completely free and incredibly speedy. From there, you can begin borrowing the kinds of opportunities they have straight away.

You’ll also want to input the kinds of work that you’re interested in doing so that you’ll be found by browsing professionals with gigs to offer. Try to give examples of your portfolio to prove that you do indeed possess the skills you’re claiming to have.

Finally, it might be worth asking friends and family to “hire” you initially so that you can build up a set of positive reviews. An Upworker with no reviews is far less likely to be selected for work than one with a litany of positive reviews.

Upwork also has a handy time-tracking feature if you’re being paid by the hour by the clients you’re working with. Keep an eye on this, taking screenshots before and after you finish work to prove that you’ve worked for the amount of time that you claim on your invoice.

How much do they charge?

Like Fiverr, Upwork bases its fees on the amount that you earn. But unlike Fiverr, Upwork is aware that taking 20% of a very large commission would put you off ever using the platform.

So, they’ve tapered the amount of cash they take from freelancers depending on how much they’re earning. That payment structure looks a little like this:

  • Upwork charges you a 20% fee on your first $500 billed to a client
  • Between $500.01 and $10,000, they’ll instead ask for 10% of what you’ve earned
  • And anywhere north of $10,000, they’ll just collect a reasonable 5% fee

As such, it often helps to find a client that will be giving you constant work to do, given that over time you’ll be able to keep more of the earnings you make from that relationship, giving less to Upwork.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour - Freelancing Platform

The flexible platform is another favorite of freelancers, due to the platform’s way of organizing and showing jobs.

You can search for jobs that literally pay by the hour – as the website suggests – but you can also search for different types of projects which reimburse you in a different way.

There are upsides and downsides to working in this way, of course. Some like to work fast and intensely, while others don’t mind working a full 8-hour day with some breaks in between.

People Per Hour is a platform that’s great fun to explore and one on which there’s a steady stream of new jobs being posted every day – so you’ll be able to come back again and again to find new opportunities.

Just bear in mind that you’ll need to be a regular on the platform to secure the most interesting work. If you’re not, you’ll still find paid gigs – but they might be a little less engaging than those on other platforms.

How to get started as a freelancer on People Per Hour?

The sign-up process for People Per Hour is very simple, taking just a couple of minutes to fill out your details and get logged in.

It’s a big factor behind the site’s prominence, helping workers match up with work as quickly and easily as possible.

Once you have a profile, you can use it to browse the full range of content writing jobs, from website copywriting to SEO link building and guest posting.

You’ll also be able to set up your own gig profile to show off to employers – and they might get in touch with you with some work projects that they’ve yet to tender to the platform at large.

How much do they charge?

Wonderfully, People Per Hour is absolutely free.

It even provides some handy freelancer tools for free to help you invoice with ease. So this is a platform where there’s no risk of losing money by signing up to it, and you have the potential to make a decent amount of cash for your freelancing endeavors.


Guru - Freelancing Platform

With different categories for different types of freelancers, Guru’s most frequently posted jobs are often in the writing, editing, proofreading, and marketing spaces.

That’s the bread and butter of a freelance content writer, making this platform a must for those looking to build their client base and their level of experience.

It’s another platform that is incredibly easy to use, to browse, and to connect upon.

Freelancers like it because it’s simple – and employers like it because it links them with specialist, experienced talent very quickly indeed.

Hence the name: Guru. If you consider yourself a guru, or you want to become one in your chosen field, this is a place to gather experience and admirers, climbing up in terms of seniority as a writer in order to secure even more exciting work.

How to get started as a freelancer on Guru?

A quick sign-up process will see you establish a basic profile from which you can search through the current jobs listings within your writing niche just by clicking on the attractive “find a job” button.

If you’ve not found anything in your first browse, you can also post a proposal, or develop your profile, so that you’re able to be found by employers who may well be looking for a writer with your level of experience and your rates.

Be careful to check the accounts of the clients whenever you agree to do some work – because they’ll be checking yours. Make sure they look legitimate, as it’s not unheard of for bad actors to use this platform to get some free work done before disappearing into the digital ether.

How much do they charge?

Given the number of great jobs available on Guru, the platform charges a very reasonable 2.5% handling fee whenever you’re sending an invoice through the website to your clients. That’s about as much as a bank will take if you take out some cash at an ATM overseas.

Additional fees might take the overall percentage that you’re giving Guru up to around 9% at the maximum.

That means that an invoice for $1,000 will return you at least $900 and possibly as much as $950. That’s a lot better than some of the more glamorous freelance websites out there.


TextBroker - Freelancing Platform

By the name alone, you’ll figure out that this is a place where content writers are in high demand.

As the platform specializes in writing talent, it’s somewhere that many businesses go to automatically if their current project is all about writing and little else.

It’s where all freelance writers should go, too, seeing as pretty much every job posted on the platform will be something you could lend your hand to.

Be aware that TextBroker is trying to differentiate itself in terms of talent, skills, and professional experience. So you can only sign up as a writer if you’re from the US, and you’ll be asked to give proof of this during the sign-up process.

You’ll not be able to pretend you’re from the US when you’re not – so don’t waste your time trying.

How to get started as a freelancer on TextBroker?

The sign-up process for TextBroker is actually quite fun. You’ll first build a basic profile and prove your citizenship status. Then, you’ll be asked to complete a 200-word writing exercise.

Depending on how you do, you’ll be awarded up to five stars for the quality of your work. It goes without saying that your sample should be as sparkly and perfect as possible.

As you’re graded on your writing, you’ll be able to pitch for work based on that star rating, with fees that match with the quality of your work. It might be that 5-star writers can charge $70 for 1,000 words, while 1-star writers will have to settle for $15.

A handy and compassionate feature from TextBroker – at least where the freelance community is concerned – is that it’s incredibly rapid to invoice clients and get the money paid into your account.

So it’s a place where you can earn almost instant cash while being looked upon with a certain level of respect that other platforms are less effective at conveying.

How much do they charge?

The fees you’re charged by TextBroker will be proportionate to your star rating (see how important that 200-word sample is?). You’ll find out exactly how that’s graded after you’ve signed up fully.

Obviously, this places even greater emphasis on that sign-up process and the first impression that you make when you’re setting up on the platform. That includes how you perform with your first projects and how you interact with your first clients, too.

For every dollar you make on TextBroker, the platform will take a tiny 0.35% as a service fee. That’s a remarkably good rate, meaning that you keep $96.50 of every $100 you charge for your services.

No wonder, then, that the site’s limiting its freelancers to the US at present – it’s a brilliant place to make money, especially for writers who are confident that they sit squarely in the 5-star category.

And even if you come out with a lower star rating, you'll find excellent work from the kinds of companies that are looking for talent but are unable to pay the top dollar prices that are demanded by the 5-star cohort.


Problogger - Freelancing Platform

This platform has been around for a long time but has developed from a place where blog writers offered their skills to other blogs into a fully-fledged writing jobs site with a wide and exciting array of projects available.

Of course, the fundamentals of the platform are the same, and it is indeed a jobs road for freelancers with a particular interest in sharing content writing jobs with content writing talent.

There’s a handy mailing list for those who don’t want to spend hours upon hours each month scrolling through all of their gigs – and there are thousands of them.

Just enter some keywords and phrases so that you’re sent the jobs that are most relevant and appropriate to you.

If you’re signed up to a handful of jobs sites already, this email system is preferable to opening a tab and searching manually for jobs every morning.

How to get started as a freelancer on Problogger?

A very simple sign-up process will see you searching for the jobs that interest you the most within five minutes of hitting the “sign up” button.

Because Problogger isn’t after your money, you’re left to explore at your own pace.

With so many jobs to explore, you may find that it takes a while for you to get used to the interface, narrowing down the jobs available to just the options that suit your skillset.

Still, once you are comfortable with how Problogger works, you’ll be able to skim through opportunities to find those that pay the best, offer the best experience, or promise to be projects you can complete in no time at all.

How much do they charge?

You get the feeling that Problogger was probably created by a content writer because they charge no fees whatsoever to those writers who use their platform.

That’s why the user interface is slightly less glamorous than the likes of Upwork and Fiverr, which both invest heavily in their UI and marketing.

For the amount of high-quality work it hosts and the number of gigs you can secure in the space of a month, this is a platform that returns you every cent of the money you earn – making it very popular with ambitious freelancers.


Freelancer - Freelancing Platform

You’ll struggle to find a brand name that’s more on-point than this one. If you’re a freelancer of any style and with any type of skill to offer the market, you’ll be welcome on Freelancer.

Writing jobs here jostle with editing jobs, jobs in the creative arts, and even business consultancy positions.

The upside of this diversity is that writers with other skills will find jobs that match the broadness of their skillsets.

The downside is that you might not find quite so many writing jobs on this platform – and the ones that you do find will be hotly contested by other freelance writers.

Given the level of competition, getting in early and with an excellent pitch is often decisive when you’re trying to secure the best jobs on Freelancer.

The way to secure these writing jobs is to differentiate yourself in one of three ways. You can tell the client you’ll do it quicker than they’ve asked, for cheaper than they’ve asked, or to a higher quality than they’ve asked.

The best bid usually wins the contract. Make sure that you’re getting paid a reasonable rate, though. Otherwise, all of your toil will simply be for too little reward.

Likewise, never overpromise to a potential client, as a negative review can seriously hamper your efforts to secure more work on Freelancer.

How to get started as a freelancer on Freelancer?

As always, there’s a very simple sign-up process that helps you quickly set up a profile that you can subsequently use to search for the work you’re most excited to find.

It’ll take less than five minutes before the gates swing open, and you’re presented with the full list of Freelancer’s current available projects, as well as resources to help you build your profile further.

Freelancer is heavy on the bidding aspect of its UI.

It knows that clients will want value for money from its pool of freelancers and that freelancers will outbid one another in order to offer the best possible deal to those clients.

As such, you’ll be asked to submit bids to different clients – some of which you’ll win if you made a compelling case for them to partner with you on a specific project.

How much do they charge?

It’s a little difficult to say what Freelancer tends to charge. Usually, it’s a 3% fee, or $3 – whichever is greater. That’s quite competitive compared with some of the other websites we’ve mentioned in this article.

Do check when you sign up whether this has changed or whether the platform is also running a project-by-project pricing scheme, which could end up taking a little more cash from your overall earnings.

The reason for the current low rate is that you’ll be earning a little less when you do secure projects – so Freelancer knows that it’ll put you off if you’re also losing cash to their service fees or commissions.

You’ll usually have to bid a lower price than the one offered, so you’ll not earn a huge amount when you’re using Freelancer.

But you will find excellent work opportunities, updated hourly, that may well help you progress in your career or could lead to lasting relationships with employers that won’t have to be mediated through Freelancer at all.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing - Freelancing Platform

You can imagine that someone setting out on their freelance writing career would probably end up visiting this website – and for a good reason.

This is a place where there are a wide variety of writing roles available, from starter jobs that require low levels of experience and skills right through to ambitious projects that require a senior copywriter to complete.

How to get started as a freelancer on Freelance writing?

Sign up, log in and begin browsing almost instantly – searching through jobs that might well suit your skillset.

As we mentioned above, the name of the company suggests that most freelance writers will have visited the site – but few are signed up and active, giving you an advantage when it comes to selecting the latest project uploads.

You can search by job category, by the deadline, or by the fee that is being offered for your services. Given all of these search criteria, it’s often the case that beginner freelance writers prefer to use this platform.

Once they have some experience, they might shift over to platforms that are more selective about the writers that they invite onto them.

How much do they charge?

You’ll be charged on a case-by-case basis by Freelance writing. This is a firm that’s been in the business since 1997, so they’re happy not to charge you an arm and a leg to find the jobs that will help you make more of a career out of your passion for writing.

If you’d like to know the rates that the platform is currently charging before you sign up and complete work, you can contact their customer services team or search through their information pages for their current rates and commission fees.

Crowd Content

Crowd Content - Freelancing Platform

There’s a heady variety of jobs available on Crowd Content – another website that feels like it’s been made with content writers in mind.

You can do everything from ghostwriting a novel to writing someone’s email newsletter once a week here, and you’ll be paid twice weekly, which is useful for those living and working on a budget.

Make the most of this platform by checking it regularly – perhaps as part of your morning routine, accompanying your coffee. Content writing jobs pop up regularly, but they’re snapped up regularly too.

Some are more impressive than others, but all of them might give you the opportunity to grow your portfolio and to forge relationships with different types of brands which may well offer you further work if you do a good job on your first project.

How to get started as a freelancer on Crowd Content?

Usually, you’ll be able to get started as a freelancer on Crowd Content simply by using their sign-up process, which is roughly the same as the platform’s competitors.

There’s sometimes a waiting list which you can enquire about by emailing

This is another platform that will assess your viability, so do make sure you impress them with your experience and skills from the get-go. Once you’re provisionally approved, you’ll be asked to undertake a short writing assignment to assess your skills.

The rating you receive from this first writing task will determine the quality of work you’ll be able to secure (and the fees you’ll be able to charge) on Crowd Content. So, make sure your writing is pitch-perfect to earn more on this platform than other writers.

How much do they charge?

This is a completely free platform, which is one reason why it’s preferred by writers across the world. It’s worth bearing in mind that those who are from English-as-a-first-language countries – the likes of Canada, the UK, and the US – will secure more work than those from other countries.

Content Writers

Content Writers - Freelancing Platform

Yet another platform that’s tailored for content writers (could you guess from the name?), this is a must-visit for those who are looking to broaden their experience in writing for different sectors, on different topics, and in different publications.

As well as giving you some exciting experience, Content Writers also rewards great writers with great work and high fees, which is another reason that writers and clients alike prefer to use this platform. It’s where quality work is shared and completed.

How to get started as a freelancer on Content Writers?

The sign-up process for this platform is sometimes put on hold, given the number of writers who tend to flock to the platform. The team behind the platform isn’t interested in hosting too many writers and is selective about who they do allow to work for them.

If you’re not having much luck getting signed up, do consider emailing to explain why you’re such a catch and why they should fast-track you onto their platform.

How much do they charge?

Given how this platform has so many benefits, it’s perhaps surprising that it’s completely free to use. That’s another part of the reason behind the wealth of writers on the platform.

You’ll need to be cutthroat in your approach to the work tendered here in order to secure contracts and maintain clients, given the level of competition.

List of similar websites


There’s plenty to explore there, and we expect that you’ll spend much of the rest of the day signing up to the above sites, completing your writing tasks, and marshaling your finest work to show off to those who run these content writing platforms.

Still, you might be left with some lingering questions about how freelance content writing actually works, and whether using these platforms is such a good idea.

Therefore, we’ve brought together a list of five pressing FAQs to answer the most posed questions about freelance content writing.

What’s the best way to find freelance writing work?

If you’re well connected, and people know you as an excellent writer, work will probably end up coming to you – via email, via a phone call, or via platforms such as LinkedIn.

But to establish yourself in this manner, you’ll first need to find jobs on freelance writing jobs boards.

Starting out, you’ll want to sign up for the free services and pitching to complete the work that pays the least.

As you progress, earn positive reviews and gain confidence, you’ll be able to start pitching for higher-value work, eventually turning to the most popular freelance writing platforms out there for your new projects and clients.

What if I have no experience?

If you’re motivated to be a freelance writer, but you’re yet to complete a single project, you shouldn’t worry. Everyone started from the position that you’re in now.

It takes one successful pitch and one positive review or referral to kickstart your career in freelance content writing.

If you want to improve your writing skills, be sure to take a look at the following article: Top 10 Blogging Skills You Need To Become A Professional Blogger.

Gaining experience is, of course, key if you’re in the early stages of your career. Do contact people in your personal network to see if they need any writing done for a low fee.

Otherwise, get onto the platforms listed above and begin pitching for everything and anything you can – even if you’re offering lower fees in order to secure your first handful of jobs.

Where can I earn the most money from freelance writing?

There’s no straight answer to this question. On the one hand, you’ll certainly find that some freelance writing websites are more bespoke than others, which means that you’ll be fully vetted before being welcomed onto the platform.

These platforms tend to charge premium rates because you have to be a premium writer to use them. If you can complete the work on these platforms at speed, you’ll earn a very high hourly salary which will equate to a brilliant yearly wage.

If you’re a speedy writer who is willing to work long weekly hours, though, you might actually find that it’s the free content writing websites that offer you the easiest way to earn lots of cash.

You’ll find a platform that suits your skills and capabilities by browsing the twelve we’ve listed in this article.

Furthermore, there’s more to freelance writing than picking up individual projects on the websites we’ve listed here.

Freelance writing job platforms are an excellent way to kick off your career, but you’ll often find that the most lucrative partnerships are with clients who keep you on retainer or who come to you with projects on a regular basis.

What types of freelance content writing are there?

When people think of content writing, they often fall back on the idea that it’s a small field that essentially sees writers working on blogs and other website copy.

Far from it. Freelance writers cover a surprisingly huge range of material, including:

  • Print articles for newspapers, magazines, and journals
  • Web copy for news sites, blogs, or niche websites
  • Newsletters and email marketing
  • Product descriptions
  • Scriptwriting for speeches or advertisements
  • Branding and tagline writing
  • Strategic communications
  • PR and press releases for companies
  • Ghostwriting thought leadership pieces or entire novels

There are plenty of other ways in which freelancers are making money. To learn more about these, check out our article 30+ Realistic Ways To Make Money Online.

Explore the field over the course of your career to find the niche that you love the most.

Never rule yourself out of a particular job if you’re discouraged by the kinds of work postings you see on freelancer websites. If you can write, you can do so many different types of jobs.

You can learn new skills when you pick up slightly different jobs from the ones that you’re used to.

But equally, you might well find something you really do excel in – and this might end up earning you more cash in the long run.

What wage do freelance writers earn?

That depends.

It depends on how much they’re willing to work and the efficiency with which writers complete tasks. It depends on the quality of work they’re offering and the types of clients that they work with.

It also depends on whether they have other side-hustles that bring in some cash while they’re freelancing, or even a full-time job that they supplement with the odd freelance gig that suits their skill set and schedule.

Still, it’s worth pointing out that freelance writers can easily earn over the median average wage in the US. Many earn well over $100,000 a year.

At the same time, those who have established reputations and undertake high-level consultancy work can see that wage swell to $500,000 or even the seven-figure marks, depending on their seniority.

If you’re looking not only to build a freealance career, but also to earn in the top tier of freelance writers, you’ll need to play everything by the book.

Use freelancer websites to build up your experience, to find your niche, and to network with employers. Create your own website to share your portfolio and rates.

And do everything you can to find and secure the highest-paid work that you can – building up a base of clients who pay handsomely and keep coming back for more.

Final thoughts

In this article, we’ve listed the top 46 freelance content writing websites out there on the internet.

You’ll have some idea of which ones you want to target first, signing up and exploring the types of content that you might want to work on.

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We know how it feels to be a freelance writer. You’re aware that there are millions of words that need to be written each month, but you’re not quite sure how to find them.

You’re aware that you’re a great writer with so much to offer, but you’re also aware that very few other people know that – especially people looking for a writer just like you.

That’s why we hope this guide will be of some help to freelance writers, whatever stage they might be in their careers. You’ll receive the clarity to go and explore the options available to you and the confidence to apply for writing jobs.

You might even get a 5-star rating for your writing, which will be a nice ego boost ahead of your first bids for work.

So, do go and explore. Sign up for free and consider whether it’s worth paying a subscription fee. Bid for work and see what comes through. Establish a brilliant reputation online so that one day, work will come to you.

Author Bio

Rafael W.

Head of the content. Rafael is an entrepreneur, investor, software developer, SEO specialist, natural problem solver and startup enthusiast.


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