8 Best SEO Tools (Ranked & Reviewed)

8 Best SEO Tools (Ranked & Reviewed)

Working on a full SEO strategy takes time. It can take months to see your website rise up Google's SERPs, but it can take days upon days of hard work, research, and implementation to enact any strategy at all.

That is where SEO tools come in.

ManGools and SerpStat are our top selections.

Designed to do much of the heavy lifting for you, they have been designed by technicians who know exactly the kinds of features you will delight in while you are planning, researching, implementing, and tracking any SEO campaign.

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We have trawled through all the SEO tools out there to rest on the top eight – the best of the best in a field that is producing excellent new software each week.

We have ranked them based on their usability, reliability, and power – from eighth to first.


ManGools - The SEO Tool

Offering a bundle of five SEO tools, ManGools is made to make life easier for even the most inexperienced SEO professionals.

It is particularly aimed at bloggers, affiliate marketers, and small businesses that are looking to expand their reach through SEO.

Those five key features are as follows:

  • A keyword research tool.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Backlink analysis.
  • Rank tracking.
  • SERP analysis.

If you are familiar with these tools, you will see that they can effectively guide your strategy from the moment you start searching for keywords to the moment you track your strategy's success.

We will run through these in a little more detail to show why we have chosen Mangools for our number eight spot.

Keyword research

If you have a few keywords in mind for your business' website, you will be able to key these into Mangools' simple tool.

It is an intuitive dashboard that scrapes Google's autosuggest in order to offer you plenty of options to pick from.

Save the keywords you are most impressed by with a click of a button, view the level of competition for each keyword, track them, or filter them to work out which suits your SEO aspirations.

Keyword research

This feature is called SiteProfiler, and it is ordinarily used by firms to check the SEO performance of their competitors.

Simply paste a URL into the tool, and see which backlinks are lending it authority in the eyes of Google's all-seeing algorithm.

Especially useful is the fact that these backlinks are ranked, so you can see which are most valuable – informing your own link-building approach.

Backlink analysis

When you are building up backlinks, you want visibility on which are valuable and which are giving your business a boost.

Named LinkMiner, this tool is a little weaker than some of Mangools' competitors, taking their data from Majestic SEO rather than processing it all themselves. Still, there is plenty of value in exploring the strength of backlinks via this tool.

Rank tracking

Mangools' SERPWatcher does just that: keeping an eye on your ranking over time on Google's SERPs.

This is a tool that provides peace of mind for those companies that just are not sure if they are moving the dial at all on SEO. You can track in real-time how your website is climbing – or descending – Google's search engine results pages via this feature.

SERP analysis

As well as watching your own SERP performance, you can also derive useful information from SERPChecker, which essentially shows you the SERP results for different keywords that you type into the dashboard.

This is useful, given that you can check where companies, including your competitors, fall in terms of their position compared to your own. This will inform your ongoing strategy, showing you which keywords are worth targeting in the future.

Pricing and Summary

While Mangools certainly offers a powerful suite of tools, it could be said that it is a little weaker than alternatives on the market.

The platform compensates for this by offering each of its five features for purchase individually, helping smaller firms use the tool that they are after without paying for the rest.

There is also a tiered monthly payment system: $29.90 for a basic plan per month; $39.90 for their premium plan; and $79.90 per month if you are an SEO agency yourself, looking to use their tools regularly to help other firms.

Try Mangools >>

The Hoth

The Hoth - The SEO Tool

Introducing TheHoth – a more complete SEO tool facility that offers over 22 distinct tools that should service even the most niche of SEO needs. Falling in at number 7, we are impressed by the streamlined service and the professionalism of this tool provider.

TheHoth makes no bones about the fact that it is built for SEO agencies and in-house set teams rather than the layperson working to increase their exposure.

That means that the tools, while intuitive, are also a little more technical than those offered by Mangools – with more insights to be derived or more confusion to be sewn, depending on your level of experience.

There is not the time or space to detail every one of TheHoth's tools. Instead, we will give you a quick flavor of all they offer – leaving you with the opportunity to find out more on the firm's website if you are interested in utilizing any of the below.

Managed SEO

The Hoth is happy to run SEO campaigns for you, making use of their tools and their staff while you concentrate on your own business needs. This is a great, if slightly expensive, option for those who are desperate to see their SERP position rise.

Content creation

As with the above, smaller firms simply do not have the skills in-house to create five-star content to boost their SEO. Experts at The Hoth can do this for you, giving you content that dazzles web users and Google's algorithm alike.

Research tools

The professionals at The Hoth can deliver SEO excellent to their clients because they have incredibly powerful research tools at their disposal. Happily, the same tools are available to anyone who can use them. Research competitors, keywords, backlinks, and more with these responsive and accurate tools.

Tracking tools

Once you have enacted your strategy based on your research, you will be able to keep abreast of your progress via one of The Hoth's tracking tools. You can see your performance based on traffic, the share of voice, SERP position, and position when compared to competitors. That is quite the overview for you to tap into.

There is lots more to The Hoth, and we'd encourage you to explore their services on your own if you're interested in striking up a conversation with one of their customer service professionals.

Pricing and Summary

Because TheHoth offers bespoke services to a range of different clients, it is a little difficult to give you an accurate pricing structure. Indeed, when you click to sign up with TheHoth, you will be asked to fill in a contact form, which they will then use to introduce you to their services.

If you are curious about the current pricing structure of The Hoth, you can contact them directly – or provide your contact details and wait for them to introduce their services to you.

Overall, this is one of the most impressive SEO companies in the world. It is open, honest, and professional, and that is why it has to rank in our top 8 SEO tools in the world.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO - The SEO Tool & Ranking Software

We like the name of this company. They ask us to imagine surfing atop of wave of keywords, riding that wave elegantly to a top spot in Google's SERPs. Of course, Surfer SEO offers all the tools you will need to get there, with a unique offering that earns the company a place at number six on our list.

SurferSEO is primarily a content planner. For firms set on content marketing as a route to SEO success, you will be hard-pressed to find a better solution than this one. That is because Surfer SEO uses AI in order to help you generate the best content to help you climb up those SERPs.

In 2021, the site won four awards, including best support offered to customers and best usability. That means everything for the novice SEO professional, who may well be on the phone to ask questions. Those questions will not be about the interface or dashboard, though, as those are both exceptionally designed and easy to use.

How Surfer SEO works?

It is worth delving a little into why we believe Surfer SEO is fully deserving of a number 6 spot on our list. It has a unique solution based on AI to help you plan and even generate the content that will get you ranked higher by Google.

The first thing you will do is enter your domain name, your niche, and some choice keywords into the Surfer SEO system. From there, the AI will instantly begin whirring away in the background to find weaknesses in your competitors and ways in which you can surge up Google's SERPs via content that hits all the right notes.

Surfer SEO offers you half-written articles, including headings and keywords, so that you will barely have to lift a finger to create optimized content to boost your SEO.

Also, offering a complete audit of your website in order to help you dominate your niche on search engines, this is a tool that can help SEO teams cut significant corners in delivering excellence to their brand.

Pricing and Summary

Surfer SEO currently offers a basic plan for $59 per month, a pro plan for $119 per month, and a business plan for $239 per month. If you choose the annual subscription, you will enjoy a 17% reduction on these prices.

That makes this quite a pricey SEO tool, so it is not finishing a little higher on our list. Still, because of the unique, time-saving qualities of Surfer SEO, we strongly believe that this is a tool that those with content on their minds should certainly engage with – despite the cost.


SEMrush - The SEO Tool

No SEO professional can have spent much time in the business without hearing tell of SEMrush. According to their internal data, ten million marketing professionals have already used this powerful software.

Is it any wonder, then, that this is considered one of the most dominant suites of tools in the world of SEO?

The beauty of SEMrush is that it is made as a one-stop shop for so many of your marketing needs. Not content at giving you access to a complete suite of SEO tools; this platform also offers everything from content marketing assistance to social media marketing tools and trackers.

That means that if you fall in love with the SEMrush interface, you will be able to purchase increasingly of their solutions to help grow your brand.

We love SEMrush precisely because of this interface. It is creative and remarkably simple to understand, using graphs and charts to put in pictures that might be difficult to understand with words.

It maps out how you are doing compared to your competitors, as well as comparing keywords that you might – or might not – want to target in your upcoming content plan.

There are also a host of solutions for SEO agencies, which means that this is a white-label product with an immense power behind it. You can still engage with SEMrush as a novice because everything is presented so well – and the support is so strong.

Pricing and Summary

Also offering 17% discounts if you choose to pay annually, SEMrush is a pricey platform to get involved with. It is possible out of the price range of the smallest firms – and is more likely to attract the engagement of larger firms with a committed marketing team and a larger marketing budget.

There's a pro, a guru, and a business option for SEMrush customers. Here is how they measure up:


At $119.95 if you pay monthly, this subscription offers you up to 5 projects, 500 tracked keywords, and that all-important backlink analysis and research. There are plenty of add-ons, at extra cost, to consider too.


This one comes in at $229.95 per month, but offers up to 15 projects, tracks 1,500 keywords (that is an enormous amount, by the way), and offers a far wider suite of solutions and tools that customers can access. Additional features are available too.


SEO agencies can pay $449.95 per month for access to SEMrush's features. They can run 40 projects, track 5,000 keywords, and are provided with the complete suite of SEMrush solutions. It is a dazzling monthly price, but you are getting a dazzling array of tools.

Overall, SEMrush remains one of the most impressive suites of SEO tools on the market.

Our tentative criticism is that these might be slightly overpriced – or, at the very least, the price point makes these tools inaccessible for SMEs.

That is why we have ranked SEMrush fourth in our top eight list.


AMZWatcher - The SEO Tool

We can breeze through AMZWatcher because it is one of those software solutions that is either completely relevant or irrelevant to your brand.

It is relevant to anyone with a connection to Amazon – be it those who are selling products on the e-commerce site or those who host affiliate links to those products.

If you do not fall into that category, you are advised to scroll on to number three in our list.

If you are still here, it is because you do work in some way with Amazon. If you do, there is simply no comparable tool to AMZWatcher, which is why we are happy to include it at number four in our list. This tool checks for broken Amazon links – something that happens alarmingly regularly – for you to repair on your site.

This is important on two fronts. On the first, you will benefit from live links because, of course, you will be sending web users to products that you are earning money from. Second, a broken link on a website is terrible for your SEO, so locating them quickly will help you to avoid being downgraded due to broken links.

Pricing and Summary

You will pay between $16.63 and $124.95 per month for access to AMZWatcher's tools – the higher price applies to larger websites or SEO agencies. You will also pay more for extra features, many of which you will not find elsewhere – like Amazon backlink analysis of your competitors.

We would say that if you are making money by directing web users on your website to Amazon, AMZWatcher is an absolute must-have.

The basic plan is very affordable, and the platform's simplicity, giving you important insights in minutes, makes it a valuable partner for those associated with the e-commerce giant.

Try AMZWatcher >>

SEO Pressor

SEO Pressor - The SEO Tool

A plugin on WordPress, SEOPressor deserves a high ranking in our list for its elegance, simplicity, and wide use. It is estimated that around 10 million WordPress pages currently have this plugin installed, which is a staggering achievement for a relatively niche plugin.

We would draw your attention to the fact that SEOPressor is rated as the number one tool in terms of page optimization – helping you look at what tweaks you can make when you are in the backend of your WordPress site.

That is invaluable, as otherwise, you might have to hire a web developer with SEO experience – at a cost – to help you optimize your site pages.

SEOPressor is also constantly being updated, with new, handy features available almost every time you log back into your website's backend. That means that you will not have to scurry around the internet to find the latest in SEO technology – it will simply land in your plugin, ready to deploy at your convenience.

While the tools provided are not the most powerful in the industry, they are at least comprehensive. And, as we will see, for the price you are paying, this is a plugin that you will find difficult to resist.

Pricing and Summary

Are you ready to be shocked? You can use the SEOPressor plugin for just $9 per month. Given the comparably astronomical prices mentioned in this list, that is almost unbelievable.

But it is true: for less than ten dollars a month, you will be able to access all of the tool's features, having the plugin quietly humming away in the background, generating insights for you whenever you care to look.

That price point, and the things that SEOPressor does excellently, make it a sure winner for number three on our list. If the plugin sees much more improvement in terms of the power of its tools, we would happily rank it higher.

Representing excellent value for money, this is a plugin that every WordPress website should absolutely adopt.


Serpstat - The SEO Tool

We are arriving now at the business end of our list. In position number two is Serpstat, which is a statistician's dream.

The read-outs from its analytics are unrivaled in the world of SEO, which means that this is the tool to select if you are keen on the most accurate research possible to underpin your SEO strategy.

Like some of the suites of tools mentioned above, Serpstat is also a one-stop-shop for SEO features. The platform offers more than 30 tools to agencies and in-house SEO teams alike.

It is highly professional and feels geared up to drive your path towards keyword dominance and SERP sophistication.

Just as The Hoth contained too many features for us to list, so too does Serpstat. There is not necessarily a standout feature – they are all designed to near-perfection.

That is why Serpstat is a multi-award-winner across several SEO categories at annual awards. The staff must constantly be drinking champagne.

Perhaps most useful for SEO teams are the following features:

API and integration

A blessing for those websites that find it difficult to plug into their SEO tools, Serpstat has developed novel ways to delve into your website via APIs. This means less time spent shuffling between tabs and less data lost in analytics.

Text analytics

This textual analysis program works beyond your standard keyword and page copy analytics tools by sifting through every word on your website before offering up improvements and suggestions for future content.

A winning formula for content-heavy sites.

Site auditing

There are plenty of SEO solutions that offer site audits, but few that will delve into the practical details before producing simple instructions about where you could dramatically improve your performance across the board.

Serpstat is fantastic at this, giving you cause to enact new strategies based on the most reliable of data.

Pricing and Summary

As you might expect, a one-stop-shop SEO solution like Serpstat does not come cheap. Nor should it, given the sophistication of the software and the hundreds of programming hours devoted to constantly improving Serpstat's products and services.

What Serpstat does offer is a massive range of packages, which are too numerous to list here.

You can go Lite, Standard, Advanced, or Enterprise across a number of different timespans. The pricing is competitive enough to make Serpstat a partner to hundreds of thousands of businesses – but may be too steep for the smallest of enterprises and businesses.

Try Serpstat >>


Ahrefs - The SEO Tool

To number one, then. If you are an SEO expert, you've likely been reading this list, wondering why you have not seen Ahrefs feature. Well, here it is, crowning number one spot.

Now, Ahrefs does not offer the most powerful SEO software out there – that is probably shared between The Hoth and Serpstat. It does not offer the fullest range of features.

What it does well, though, it does incredibly well – and some of the tools that it offers are completely free. That is why we have decided it has to take the top spot.

Still, we would say that most of the tools offered by Ahrefs are suited to marketing professionals rather than those just starting out in the field.

Here is what Ahrefs has rot offer the intrepid SEO marketer.

Best Ahrefs features

Ahrefs was launched way back in 2011 as a backlink site, helping websites to understand which backless they had secured and which they should be chasing after. They have grown well beyond those humble beginnings to now rival even the most impressive of SEO tool vendors.


Still, backlink analysis is Ahrefs' most important feature.

Rather than offering simple data on what your backlinks look like, similar to most other tools, Ahrefs leverages its 11 years of experience in link building to offer a world of insights unparalleled in the industry.

Exploring this feature could easily swallow up an afternoon. Such is the level to which you can take a deep dive into Ahrefs' backlink analysis.


Another bread and butter feature for Ahrefs, having been developed hot on the heels of their initial offering, their keyword research tool is incredibly useful for the pro and the novice alike.

You can see what people also searched for after keying certain words into Google and how often they found what they were looking for.

You can even see the "no-click searches" that web users are currently abandoning because they are not finding what they searched for. Of course, these are opportunities to gobble up all the clicks for these keywords.

SERP overview

Finally, the Ahrefs SERP overview is absolutely perfect for those looking to develop an in-depth understanding of the challenge ahead of them.

Showing your ranking, your competitors' ranking, and the change in all of your positions over time, this panel is intuitive, easy to understand, and quick to make an impact on your SEO strategy plans.

SERP history, which is a feature offered by a few of the SEO tools on this list, is particularly enlightening. If the SERP history has been static for a year or so, you will know that you have a significant opportunity to make waves across that keyword of that niche.

Pricing and Summary

Given that it is claimed the top spot, you will anticipate a glowing summary. But what about the pricing – is it prohibitive or affordable?

Some Ahref features are free for people to trial or test out. That means that you can easily see what all the fuss is about by visiting their website and browsing some of their chief product offerings.

There is also a pricing structure, especially aimed at those who are likely to be using Ahrefs regularly to analyze their company's performance or the companies they work for. As the Ahrefs team put it themselves, you can "choose a plan to suit your SEO needs."

Ahrefs offer four pricing plans. They are:

Lite, for $99 per month

Standard, for $199 per month

Advanced, for $399 per month

Enterprise, for $999 per month

It is not going to be possible to outline the major differences between these packages, given that there are so many additional costs, variables, and add-ons that you can explore.

Bear in mind that these packages tend to be marketed towards professionals who work on SEO improvement every day – hence the higher prices when compared with other software providers.

The best way to decide on a package from Ahrefs is to contact them directly. Given the high price the firm is charging, they will be more than happy to break down the prices for you.

A conversation will help clear up which products you are almost certainly going to want to use – and which you should consider excluding from your package.

In summary, then, Ahrefs is a powerful, comprehensive, impressive suite of SEO tools. It has a wealth of experience behind it, driven by a mission to be among the best SEO tool vendors in the world.

While it is not far above the rest, we've ranked Ahrefs first for the firm's steadfast commitment to offering high-quality SEO insights at a reasonable price.


If you’re still a little curious about which SEO tools are best, which you should be willing to spend money on, and what they do, we’ve listed a handful of FAQs for you to pore over.

Which SEO tool is the best value for money?

If you’re looking to run SEO strategies for your own company or blog, you’ll probably find that the free tools that are out there probably represent the best value for money.

They offer basic services that’ll still help you a great deal in finding keywords, tracking your performance, and comparing yourself to competitors.

If you’re running a large enterprise, a large marketing firm within a large enterprise, or your own marketing agency, you’ll find that paid options offer you far more detail and power.

If this is the case, Ahrefs and Serpstats will be up there as the best value for money tools on the market.

Which SEO tool do I need the most?

Probably a tool that helps you understand how you can improve your SERP ranking.

Those tools are included in most of the examples we’ve shared in this article, but you should pay particular attention to keyword research features and trackers, which will help you work on the words that matter in your on-site content.

Meanwhile, for larger firms, you’ll want to have access to the tools that show you how you’re doing compared to your competitors.

That’s a key objective of firms that are vying over positions on Google’s first page of search results listings.

Can a novice use SEO tools?

Absolutely. Many SEO tool platforms offer support as well as a tutorial to get you started.

Free tools are often made with beginners in mind, which is why they can be so useful for first-timers in the SEO space. But as you become more experienced, you’ll be able to move onto paid services that offer a far broader range of data, insights, tools, and tracking methods.

Why is SEO important?

If you arrived at this article without a proper understanding of why SEO (search engine optimization) plays such a huge part in the success of firms’ online marketing, this list may have been more mystifying to you than it has been revealing.

So let’s clear up why these tools, and why SEO in general, is so important.

SEO is the means by which websites work to feature higher on Google’s search engine results pages.

A higher position always translates into higher traffic, higher conversion, and therefore higher sales and profits. That’s why firms often engage in SEO: to boost their visibility and, therefore, their sales.

How do I get started in SEO?

Following on from the above, getting started in SEO is all about learning the ropes.

This article is for you: Can I do SEO on my own?

You’ll engage with the tools listed above straight away because they’ll be your first window into how you’re performing compared with your competitors and what you might have to do to gain more visibility via SEO best practices.

Some newcomers to SEO don’t feel confident using tools or coming up with a strategy by themselves.

That’s fine and quite possibly prudent.

Instead of going it entirely alone, your money might be better spent on hiring a freelance SEO specialist, an SEO expert (Contact us) to work permanently on your marketing team, or the services of an SEO agency from which you can learn.

Don’t jump head-first into SEO if you have a limited budget and no clear idea of how it works. Do your research, clarify your uncertainties, and be ready to bring in additional help and support for the first weeks and months of your campaigns.

If you are an agency, you should look to The Hoth, SEMrush, Serpstat or Ahrefs for your SEO marketing needs, while if you are an in-house marketer, you should carefully pick between these packages to get access to the programs you know will be helpful for your SEO aspirations.

The next step in your SEO journey is to check out all the platforms (SaaS) and tools we have introduced in this article – using free trials, one-off tests, and video explainers to get even better acquainted with the world's most powerful SEO tools.


Choosing an SEO tool is difficult. It is a pretty competitive market, with hundreds of options and plenty of hot air. Picking between some of the top offerings is difficult.

You are probably reluctant to take the plunge, given that most tools and software providers try to tie you into a costly 12-month subscription contract.

So, we have done the hard research, the testing, and the reviewing to take all that stress away and to give you some reliable insights about the world's best SEO tools.

ManGools and SerpStat are our top selections.

We have ranked them based on a number of factors, including their usability, their price points, their popularity, and the unique features that they offer.

In truth, though, any of these eight firms would make excellent SEO partners.

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