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1. These Terms govern the rights and obligations of the Company Z-NTG s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as "the Operator"), as well as the rights and obligations of users in connection with access to and use of the website www.yourtopblog.com (hereinafter referred to as "the site"). By using the site, the user agrees to these Terms. The Terms constitute a contract between the user and the Operator and the user undertakes to comply with them.

2. The user is entitled to download the content of the site, display it on the screen of a computer, mobile phone, or other devices, or print a copy of its content exclusively for personal, non-commercial purposes. The user may copy, modify, or distribute any material or content of the site for other purposes only with the prior written consent of the Operator.

3. The user is not allowed to use the site to endanger, violate or damage the rights of any other person, including intellectual property rights, and to violate generally binding legal regulations. The Operator reserves the right to refuse access to the site and/or block the contents of the user's account and/or cancel the user's account if it believes that the user violates the provisions of these Terms, of which it shall immediately inform the user. The Operator is entitled to impose penalties against the user in the event of a breach of these Terms under the applicable legislation.

4. During the time spent on and off the site, the user must not develop any activities that would negatively affect the operation and proper functioning of the site or would harm its users.

5. The purpose of the site is to create a blog. The Operator is entitled to unilaterally determine, publish, change, update or cancel the information, services, products, and other materials contained on the site without prior notice. The information published on the site is for information purposes only. Except for these Terms, the publication of any data or information on the site does not bear the character of a legal action leading to the establishment of a legal relationship between the Operator and the user, unless expressly stated otherwise.

6. Free use of yourtopblog.com is our policy, but, through our internal system or third parties, we may employ advertisements that display services and products from various advertisers. By using our services, you agree that we may display ads that we believe will be relevant to you.

7. The site, as well as all the materials contained (images, software, source code, text, graphics, and others), are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights, including trade name and trademark rights. By accessing and using the site, the Operator does not grant users a license or other intellectual property rights to the site or its content.

8. The Operator is not liable to the user for loss or damage of any kind caused by access to or use of the site or the information contained on it, including losses brought on by viruses that can infect the user's computer equipment or other assets. The Operator is also not responsible for the access to and content of third-party websites that can be used through the site (hyperlinks).

9. The Operator reserves the right to change these Terms at any time as needed and at its discretion. It shall provide information accordingly, in particular by publishing an updated version of the Terms on the site. Changes to the Terms are valid and effective on the date of their publication on the site.

These Terms are valid and effective on the date of publication.

Published on 19.1.2022