15 Best Web Hosting Providers (Honest Reviews)

15 Best Web Hosting Providers

If you hope to build a strong internet presence and get noticed by your audience, you will likely need a high-functioning, good-looking and accessible website.

If you aren’t a tech whizz, then there is no need to worry; nowadays, there are tools available to help you create the website of your dreams at the touch of a button or two.

Bluehost and Hostwinds are our top selections.

However, for tech wizards, there are some great specialized options out there for you to consider.

A good web host is a joy to work with, and a bad one can make your online life as a website owner seriously difficult.

To help you make the right choice, it is probably worth asking yourself a few questions about what you need from a provider.

While it is true that they all do a similar job, they tend to offer wildly different features and services, and they span a range of various price points too.

If you need a helping hand, look no further; here are 15 of the best web hosting providers you can find online. Hopefully, the one for you is waiting on this list.

If it isn’t, you should at least come away feeling equipped with the knowledge to find a host for yourself.

What is the Point of a Web Host?

Web hosts are companies that rent out server space, and servers are essentially the real-world homes for your website.

The host maintains their servers on their end, making your website accessible on the internet. The web host is an essential part of your website. Without a host, you could not put your website online, as there would be nowhere to put it!

Web hosts tend to offer a wide range of different services, but some of the more ‘all-in-one’ hosting solutions will endeavor to give you all you need to create online content.

It is important to note that host providers are not content management systems by default, although some do offer a CMS-style service.

Others will offer you a straightforward hosting service and nothing else, electing instead to rely on multiple tool integrations from other companies to enable you to create web content.

It is also worth noting that renting digital space from a web hosting service is not enough to get your website online. You will also need to lease a domain name (this is the address of your website’s online location).

Web hosts also provide this as a service, but it usually comes as part of a signing-up package that allows you to rent a free domain name for a year.

After that, you will have to pay extra (probably between $10-$30 per year), but it is not that expensive, considering it’s a crucial part of website building.

If this is starting to sound a bit confusing, it is worth looking at some hosting plans online. It might be more straightforward than you initially thought.

Top Traits to Look Out For

To give yourself a quick heads up when you are hunting for the perfect provider, it is worth focusing on a few key traits and seeing if your prospective host has them. These traits might include:


Web hosting pricing plans are not always the easiest to understand, so proceed with caution before signing up for anything. Sometimes, renewal costs can suddenly spike, for example.

Customer Service

Even the top tech aficionados will need to ask questions about the hosting service or the host’s website building tools from time to time. It is simply a part of what it means to run a website.

In this regard, you should strive to make sure that your host’s customer service is up to scratch. Reading user reviews usually gives you a fairly decent indicator of this aspect


Cybersecurity has never been so important. Keeping yourself safe online is critical, and that means you need to choose a safe and secure hosting service. Much of this will be out of your hands in a way since it falls upon your host’s shoulders to make sure their servers are safe.

There are many other security points to watch out for, such as DDoS protection and domain privacy. Not everyone offers this, and the ones that do seldom offer it for free (some do, though).


There is no point getting someone to host your website if their servers are constantly down. Your website needs to be accessible all the time

This is not likely going to be possible, as server maintenance needs to take place every now and then, but uptime should be as good as it can possibly be. Those that offer 100% uptime rates tend to do so because they compensate you for any downtime.


Even if you already have a website raring to go and all you need is a new host, it is worth checking out the tools the host has on offer.

For example, this might be a powerful website builder like the one from HostGator or a bunch of great e-commerce add-ons like the ones at Bluehost. Everyone offers something different (mostly), so it is always important to shop around.

Below you will find 16 of the best web hosting providers you can get your hands on right now; hopefully, there’s something that fits your needs perfectly.


Bluehost a popular web host

Bluehost is a popular web host, and for good reason, too; it integrates perfectly with the immensely flexible WordPress hosting plans, a great uptime rate, and superb customer service.

This service has been around since 2003. It has improved since its inception, and it only continues to get better as it is well-supported.

Bluehost truly excels in its ability to offer you a vast range of features at a fair price, and it does so via a versatile and user-friendly platform. Their WordPress website builder is seriously powerful, and it makes them stand out from the competition.

No matter your current position, be it a professional looking to build a company website or a writing enthusiast wanting to start a blog (it is super popular for both), Bluehost will be able to accommodate you.

There are plenty of site add-ons you can explore through this host, so you can essentially build whatever kind of website suits your needs. It is primarily focused on WordPress, so if you wish to use an all-in-one solution that doubles as both a host and a CMS (content management system), you may have to look elsewhere.

Site hosting starts as low as $4.95 per month, but there are plenty of other pricing options, too, allowing you some potentially crucial flexibility with your budget.

Key Features

Its great uptime rates mean that you can truly rely on this host.

Amazing customer service is difficult to come by these days, but thankfully, Bluehost pride themselves on it.

Because it is designed to integrate with WordPress, your options when it comes to website building might as well be endless.

Great flexible pricing.

Get a free domain name – this lasts for a year.

Unlimited bandwidth.

Who is it Best For?

Bluehost offers loads of different options for individuals and companies everywhere, no matter their needs. If you want to work closely with WordPress, it is a good choice, and it does have its own website builder too.

Try Bluehost >>


Hostwinds a popular web host

Hostwinds is a superb option for those looking for a quick way to set up a highly responsive e-commerce store. When combined with fast loading speeds, their unlimited bandwidth offering makes it ideal for handling large amounts of web traffic with ease.

They own all of their own servers too, which, in theory, means that it is much easier for them to sort out problems, as they do not need to wait around for another company.

Each pricing plan comes with unlimited storage, which might suit larger companies down to a fine point, smaller companies with large online inventories, or even individuals with bucketloads of digital assets.

Like other hosts, they too offer plans aimed directly at businesses. Pricing starts at $6.74 per month, making it a little pricier than others on the list. However, it has great response times, 24/7 support, and nightly backups (you won’t find the latter too often).

Plans from Hostwinds also come with a website builder in Weebly, an easy-to-use tool that would suit someone building a website for the first time.

Key Features

Great customer service.

They offer fast loading times for a decent user experience.

Unlimited storage and bandwidth are wonderful bonuses that may be a dealbreaker

Unlimited email accounts are a superb extra that many other packages will require you to pay for.

Free website migration!


Who is it Best For?

Hostwinds would be a great choice for businesses, as the pricing is slightly higher than its closest competitors.

It is a fantastic choice for those who wish to migrate their existing websites, as Hostwinds endeavors to make this as straightforward and free as possible.

Try Hostwinds >>


GreenGeeks an Eco-friendly web host

Calling all environmentally conscious website owners! GreenGeeks recognizes the need to not only offer a dependable web hosting service but to look out for the planet at the same time.

The online world and the technology that brings it to life puts a huge strain on the natural world, so companies must accept responsibility for the part they need to play to help out the planet.

GreenGeeks does this superbly, and it offers a great hosting service at the same time for a reasonable price.

GreenGeeks uses eco-friendly server equipment and, according to their website, matches three times the amount of energy they consume in renewable energy credits, essentially making your website 300% more sustainable.

The pricing starts at $2.95 per month.

Key Features

Its unwavering commitment to eco-friendly business practices (it is one of the world leaders in green hosting).

Great uptime.

Nightly backups.

There are share hosting options that are powerful.

Website migration specialists help you move your existing website for free if you need that kind of service.

Good value, especially considering the environmental contribution.

Who is it Best For?

GreenGeeks should be one of the top choices for environmentally conscious website owners looking for a green host.

While the customization features and configuration options might be lackluster compared to some of the other hosts, it has a great cPanel that will be perfect for beginners wanting to build a website with various integrations.

All in all, it is a solid and environmentally friendly hosting choice.

Try GreenGeeks >>


HostGator one of the most popular host providers

Hosting over 10 million domains and adorned with countless glowing reviews, HostGator is one of the most popular host providers in history.

It is extremely reliable as it boasts great customer support, and it can offer you compensation if they fall short of providing their 99.9% uptime guarantee.

It has unlimited bandwidth and storage options on every plan, so it could be the right option for businesses of all different shapes and sizes.

HostGator also has a very handy one-click WordPress installation option, making it as straightforward as possible to integrate it with your CMS.

The service also comes with a free domain and a free business email address, a nice added bonus for those wishing to have a quick start when they finally get set up.

In terms of support, HostGator consistently delivers. This aspect of hosting should always be among your primary points to watch out for. Why? Well, you never know when you will have to reach out for advice or technical problems will need fixing. Thankfully, HostGator’s support team is friendly, knowledgeable, and available 24/7.

Plus, if you do try it and decide you do not want to stick with it, they offer a neat 45-day money-back guarantee, which makes them somewhat of an outlier when it comes to flexibility.

Prices start at just $2.75 a month! Free domains are included with every package, making it an absolute steal at every level.

Key Features

Enjoy all the features of a top-quality hosting sight at a very reasonable price.

You can try it out for 45 whole days.

Dependable servers.

They offer great customer support, including phone support, which is weirdly hard to come by in this industry.

Enjoy marvelous management tools offering great flexibility when managing your domain.

Purchasing plans is made nice and simple.

Who is it Best For?

HostGator will likely work for anyone, but it excels when fully utilized by businesses and entrepreneurs with content-intensive websites as it offers unlimited storage options.

Try HostGator >>


Elementor one of the top web host providers

Elementor is a marvelous option for those wanting an all-in-one website building option with built-in hosting.

The software is focused on helping you create beautiful WordPress websites, and they claim to offer complete design freedom in this area.

This is a top choice for those who do not want to get too heavily involved in the technical side of web hosting, as it seeks to take care of this part for you.

In fact, this is an area in which they excel. Therefore, it is a good choice if you are focused more on the website-building aspect of WordPress.

Their cloud website package (the one that has the built-in hosting function) starts at a flat rate of $99 per year, but if you want to go for the WordPress plugin option, the platform will cost you $49 per year.

Key Features

Powerful customization tools.

Hassle-free built-in hosting service.

It is possibly one of the best WordPress plugins available because of its immense number of editing tools and easy drag and drop site creation feature.

The theme builder is a wonderful tool.

Hundreds of widgets are available.

Who is it Best For?

For those looking solely for a web host, it is worth noting that Elementor is more of a website builder, so for more control over your hosting, you might want to look elsewhere.

Elementor would be a superb choice for anyone wishing to build a beautiful WordPress website with ease. Considering its many site development tools, it is very good value for money.

Try Elementor >>


Kinsta the web host provider

Kinsta is a fairly unique offering in that it seeks to harness the power of the Google Cloud Platform to host your website, but it does so in a way that makes it incredibly easy to interact with on your end.

In other words, it uses some extremely powerful software to host your site, and you do not necessarily have to be too aware of what’s going on behind the scenes.

Being a managed WordPress host, Kinsta aims to take control of the technicalities for you, enabling you to put more time into your growth efforts.

This provider aims to deliver the fastest loading times to their clients while boasting enterprise-grade security features that you get with some of the best cloud technology available today.

Their infrastructure is a force to be reckoned with, and it is all angled toward making your site run as quickly and as reliably as possible.

It is on the pricier side at $30 per month, but a premium price tag comes with a premium service. Still, if budget is a concern, this may be a dealbreaker when there are much cheaper options around.

Kinsta is solely focused on WordPress websites, so you will have to look elsewhere if you wish to use a different CMS to run your site.

Key Features

It has a simple interface and yet is packed with all the power of a mighty cloud hosting platform.

It is a managed WordPress host, so it places a big emphasis on delivering you speed and reliability at all times.

They do daily backups to protect your assets.

Amazing security features.

Regular core updates keep your site up and running at all times.

It can deal with a very high volume of users and easily deal with sudden spikes in traffic.

Who is it Best For?

Kinsta is a powerful web host provider that will work wonders for established businesses looking for a reliable solution to their heavy online traffic.

It can also be great for people who want to forget about the technical side of website ownership and get back to the growth and design side of affairs.


Cloudways one of the most popular host providers

Cloudways is another prime pick for managed cloud hosting, so for those wishing to focus solely on their business and let the techies take care of your website’s needs, this could be one to consider. Over 3 million users operate through this host, making it one of the most popular and dependable cloud hosting services on the market.

In many ways, this platform acts as an extension of your in-house team, particularly since their 24/7 live support is so good.

However, one of the many notable areas in which it stands out is the affordable pricing. Managed cloud hosts generally tend to be more expensive, so this is a refreshing change.

Pricing starts at a fantastic $12 per month, and for that, you get a huge array of features, such as 24/7 monitoring, automated backups, free SSL, and countless others; you do not get a free domain name or an email, though.

Key Features

Great security options.

Expertly managed accounts give you peace of mind, and it lightens the workload for you.

Good 24/7 support.

They offer amazing scalable payment solutions that may undercut the competition.

It is simple and aims to be a worry-free experience.

DDoS protection.

Who is it Best For?

Cloudways is a great bridge between basic and advanced levels for hosting, as it packs a more powerful punch.

It may require more technical knowledge to fully utilize since there are many control options available, but this should not be too hard to learn.

Try Cloudways >>

WP Engine

WP Engine one of the top host providers

Since WordPress is such an overwhelmingly popular CMS, many hosting services dedicate their entire focus to it, and WP Engine does this extremely well.

An exceptionally powerful hosting service, WP engine is suitable for even the largest of enterprise-level WordPress websites to flourish on.

It is one of the biggest hosting services in the world because it continues to offer top-quality support and dependability to its many millions of customers.

A shining point of this software is its many automated security and maintenance features working behind the scenes to secure your website from harm.

For example, it offers automated updates for plugins, daily backups, and activity logs, and it also provides free SSL certificates and a firewall for active protection at all times.

It offers some great dashboard tools (more than most others on this list) that make your life as a website owner easy. These tools enable perks like manual backup point creation, easy team collaboration, custom redirects, and site staging.

Starting at $25 per month, the price point might be a turn-off for smaller companies or individuals starting a personal website, but this is to be expected from such a powerful cloud hosting option.

Key Features

It has a wealth of awesome customization tools.

The service might be the closest you can get to a completely hands-off hosting experience, but there is still plenty of opportunity for custom control.

Superior website performance.

It has a unique dashboard that is intuitive and accessible.

Access to a wonderful open-source website builder, the incredibly powerful Genesis Framework.

Enjoy excellent loading times for your WordPress website, some of the very best around, arguably the most vital element of a good web host.

Who is it Best For?

WP Engine is more than capable of enriching the online presence of even the most monolithic of organizations.

If you need dependability and performance and you need to run a professional WordPress website, this is a great choice, even if it is on the pricier side.

Try WP Engine >>


IPage one of the best host providers

For a budget-friendly option packed with great features, iPage is definitely worth your consideration.

iPage sports a fantastic shared hosting plan rich with features, and at the low starting price point of $2.99, it is a bargain. The renewal price does jump up a fair bit, however, so it is worth examining all of the plans available before deciding.

For small business owners wishing to catapult themselves into the world of e-commerce quickly, this full-service web host has some highly beneficial offerings, including unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, and perhaps most notably, a free online store and shopping cart.

This organization is another good choice for eco-minded users. It uses renewable energy certificates to ensure the energy they use is drip-fed back into the power grid.

There is plenty to explore in terms of marketing tools, such as free ad credits and free domain privacy. There are also some optional SEO tools you can go for if you want to get a head start in driving traffic to your new website.

There are better options available for those who want a hosting service that acts primarily as a high-functioning website builder. Still, if reliable hosting is your main focus, iPage delivers on many fronts.

Key Features

iPage’s commitment to green energy could be an enticing selling point for those wishing to contribute toward a brighter future.

It is very cheap considering its all-in-one service and marketing tools.

Optimized for WordPress, but it supports other CMS platforms too.

Dedicated servers for larger enterprises.

It is a straightforward option for emerging businesses and individuals.

Ideal option for beginners.

Who is it Best For?

Anyone on a budget will likely benefit from the very low prices, and the marketing tools and e-commerce features would suit a small business perfectly well.

Try IPage >>


Hostinger one of the best host providers

Hostinger offers its customers a vast array of hosting options, including a Minecraft server for the gamers out there.

They also offer cloud hosting, shared hosting, email hosting, and plenty of others, and it is one of the cheapest options, and it might even be the most affordable option on the entire market right now.

Hostinger shines in its pricing scalability and the flexibility of its plans, making it a perfect choice for those wishing to set up a new custom website without committing too many resources to it.

There are premium plans available for those that need extra storage, and these costs continue to stay low as you move up through the plans.

Pricing starts at $1.99 per month, and for that, you get a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 30GB of SSD storage, 100GB of bandwidth, and much more, including free security.

The premium version provides unlimited bandwidth for $2.99 per month, and the business plan is $4.99 per month. The latter two also have free domain registration.

What is even more remarkable is the performance, especially for the price. Website loading speeds are some of the fastest around through this host.

It has a website builder, but you will need to register for an account through Zyro (the tool provider).

In terms of value for money, Hostinger might be leading the charge. There are some drawbacks, like the lack of dedicated hosting, making it potentially unusable for larger organizations.

Key Features

It offers its service for unbelievably low prices for a high-performing and reliable service.

Amazing website loading speeds.

Backup options are available at every price plan.

A simple and accessible user panel makes the service easy to use.

Great for WordPress.

The Zyro website builder is powerful and full of features.

Minecraft servers.

Who is it Best For?

Hostinger is for those who want a super-cheap ultra-fast hosting solution. It is great for small businesses and individual users alike.

It is a very popular choice for its magnificent shared hosting capabilities, and since it has a 30-day money-back guarantee, it is certainly worth checking out for yourself.

Try Hostinger >>


DreamHost one of the best host providers

DreamHost has a wide range of great hosting plans, including the immensely powerful cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting options.

It is very reasonably priced, with plans starting at $1.99 per month for their Shared Starter plan, and it should also be noted that its renewal prices are lower than other options, making it more of an enticing choice for long-term usage.

You will have to buy a domain on top of this, but a .com domain only costs $7.99 if you go through DreamHost.

The company usually has great promotional deals, so keep your eye out for any offers.

Perhaps one of the most unusual offerings from this company is the 97-day money-back guarantee. This is quite the offer, and it makes it a very good choice for those wishing to build their first website.

It integrates seamlessly with WordPress, and the many, many tools on offer can deliver you a complete website building experience from start to finish, making it ideal for first-time users or companies wishing to develop their first website.

Key Features

It offers a great selection of tools.

There are a good number of features and benefits at every single price point.

Its attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable team of staff is on hand at all times to guide you through any issues you might have.

Dependable uptime figures.

It is a very stable web host, which is great for businesses who need a host to help them establish a foothold online without worrying about their website going offline.

It is an all-rounder, so you could probably find a solution here, whatever your needs.

Who is it Best For?

DreamHost is a beginner’s… dream. The straightforward tools and good pricing notch it into the upper echelon of web hosts, but it still manages to avoid being overly complex.

Considering the 97-day money-back guarantee, it is also an amazing choice for your first venture into website building, as you do not have to stick with it if you do not want to. It is free to try it out.

That said, this is a powerful host, and it will be able to support heavy traffic on the more expensive plans.

Try DreamHost >>


NameCheap one of the best host providers

NameCheap is perhaps best well known for its prowess as a domain registrar. While it is certainly a popular choice for registering domain names, it has (fairly recently) shifted some of its focus toward hosting.

This does not mean that their foray into the hosting world is lackluster; they are a great hosting service and offer some unique benefits.

You get a free domain when you sign up, and this lasts for a year before renewing at $7.98 (if it is a .com domain), but they will also migrate an existing domain for you incredibly quickly, in under 24 hours.

Their basic shared hosting plan starts at $1.88 per month if you pay for the year, making it one of the cheaper options on the list. Many basic plans around this price point tend to offer the same kind of features, but NameCheap stands out from the rest in that it offers unlimited bandwidth even on its lowest plan, which adds up to quite the saving indeed.

It also has (on the lowest-cost plan) Domain privacy protection, automatic SSL installation, and a free website builder, just to mention a few of the many features.

Key Features

It is of great value.

It is of great value.

It has high uptime rates.

It has a decent site loading speed.

It offers an unusually feature-rich basic plan.

Domain name management is made easy.

It caters to some huge enterprises.

Works for both small businesses and larger organizations.

Free domain privacy.

Great interface.

Who is it Best For?

Boasting great uptimes, highly affordable prices (some of the very best around), and a straightforward user experience, NameCheap will be a good fit for anyone.

People just starting out will likely benefit the most because of its superb basic plan, but renewal costs may be an issue later on down the line, and you will have to pay extra for DDoS protection.

Try NameCheap >>


Domain.com one of the best host providers

In what is undoubtedly a crowded market, it can be hard to find an option that suits you. For those looking for a solution that focuses on shared hosting, Domain.com could be a contender worth your time.

Domain.com is outstanding in the security department. It offers many great services free of charge, like DDoS protection, SSL support (a must for anyone trying to sell products), domain privacy, and many integration options to round out your website. Domain protection will cost you extra, though.

You might have to pay extra for these elsewhere, which is worth bearing in mind when considering the pricing.

The pricing starts at $3.75 per month for the basic plan, which includes unlimited storage and a free domain.

Key Features

Superb customer support services.

Great uptime.

Free website builder tool to help you get started from scratch.

Scalable hosting plans.

The e-commerce plan is full of features.

Get unlimited bandwidth on the basic plans.

Who is it Best For?

For an affordable option that strives to guide you through the entire process, Domain.com is a fairly solid choice.

It is a good starter host, and you will likely find it easy to use if you choose it. Still, if you need more powerful website-building tools and a wider array of hosting options, you may want to look to a different service, as their focus is primarily on shared hosting.

Try Domain.com >>


SiteGround one of the best host providers

Launched in 2004 by university friends, independent Bulgarian company SiteGround has come a long way in recent years. Its many upgrades have led to it being an extremely popular choice in the hosting world.

It strives to cover a wide array of bases, and while it is primarily used for its great WordPress hosting capabilities, it also caters to demanding enterprise-level websites, as there is a cloud hosting option available for custom solutions.

SiteGround appears to emphasize speed and website performance, so if you are willing to pay a little extra to get great uptime rates and fast loading times, you should consider this service.

The pricing starts at $6.99 a month, which is noticeably pricier than the other entries, but there is quite often a discount available, so it is worth keeping your eyes out.

SiteGround is a powerful all-in-one tool that does outperform many of its competitors in terms of speed and security, so if you want to pay a bit extra for a high-quality service that WordPress itself recommends, you should check this one out.

There are only Linux-based hosting options, so you will need to turn somewhere else if you want to work with Windows.

Key Features

Lightning-fast load speeds.

Consistently good customer support.

Great website builder.

A focus on security means it is a safe choice in today’s climate of rampant cybercrime

It comes with a very handy staging tool.

Cloudflare comes as part of the service for no extra cost.

They are especially fast because their shared servers are not as crowded, allowing you to work with more power behind you.

Who is it Best For?

You should check SiteGround out if the price doesn’t bother you. The service will likely work great for both individuals and small businesses alike, but for those wishing to cobble together a quick blog or a personal site, there are simpler and cheaper options.

Try SiteGround >>

Liquid Web

Liquid Web one of the best host providers

Liquid Web is trusted by many large brands worldwide, as it offers a range of complete hosting solutions, including a built-to-order service for custom requirements.

This option is angled toward larger businesses or individuals with high-traffic websites, as there is no shared hosting option on offer, so if you require a smaller-scale hosting service, you should look at the others on this list.

Liquid Web is an exceptionally powerful choice that can develop a solution for your business’s needs. You will pay a premium price tag, but it is the more expensive option on the list for a reason. The reason is scale and power.

There are different pricing options available for their various hosting services, so you will have to check their site to get the full rundown. They have a managed VPS hosting package that starts at $25 per month, and this is the package focused on smaller businesses.

However, if you need a custom price, do not be afraid to reach out. Their team is more than willing to work with you should you need a complex solution for your enterprise.

Key Features

It offers a good range of powerful hosting services spread across dedicated servers, private cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and high-performance multi-server solutions.

It has a highly responsive and dedicated support team.

100% uptime.

Completely managed service.

Utmost security (even the datacenters themselves are kept under tight watch with constant strict security).

Daily backups.

Ultra-high performance.

Who is it Best For?

The huge price tags make this service difficult to choose for beginners or entry-level users, but this is not what the service is made for.

It should be a top consideration if you need an all-in-one business solution and wish to pay more to get the most.

Try Liquid Web >>


Weebly one of the best host providers

Last and by no means least, Weebly is a well-renowned company that makes the website building world more accessible to everyone.

It has to go down as a top recommendation for newcomers. Weebly is an all-inclusive offering that does hosting and website building extremely well at a great price.

You can even start using Weebly for free and then upgrade your price plan as you go along, making it a great option for building and scaling your first website.

This service provides hosting for any website you build using their software, which means your website will always be highly optimized for fast loading speeds and great security.

While there is a free version, you will want your own domain name if you wish to be taken seriously as an online presence, so in this case, you will be looking at a starting price of $6 per month to connect to a domain, a great price considering it is a comprehensive platform.

Key Features

Perfect for newcomers.

Free security.

Upgradeable plans for scaling.

The free version is good for starter and temporary websites.

It is very easy to use.

Good SEO tools.

There is plenty of guidance and customer support resources.

Who is it Best For?

Weebly is a great starting choice, and it continues to upgrade over time. For individuals and/or small businesses, it is a top contender, but if you need in-depth customization and greater control over the hosting aspect, you may need to migrate to a different service.

Try Weebly >>


It could be worth trying out a few options to see what works best for you.

Every option offers something unique; it’s all about finding one to fit your needs.

Bluehost and Hostwinds are our top selections.

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  • Seo Expert
    Posted 30th Apr 2022

    Until recently, I was with SiteGround, but now I’m trying out Bluehost. Their website migration service is quick and easy. Change is life :)

  • Scot 123
    Posted 2nd May 2022

    For beginners, I recommend Bluehost.

  • Eco Fan
    Posted 5th May 2022

    What I really like about GreenGeeks is their environmental thinking. I’ll try their services because I feel the same way they do. I’ll tell you one year from now how satisfied I am.

  • Kay
    Posted 9th May 2022

    I like Wordpress, so I choose Hostgator

  • BizNet
    Posted 9th May 2022

    For our client, we needed a dedicated server with high uptime, so we chose Bluehost. So far, we haven’t had any issues with them

  • CEO
    Posted 13th May 2022

    We’re gradually preparing for the arrival of AI at our company, and we will need a high quality cloud server. From this list, our best choice is Bluehost or Hostwinds.

  • John 79
    Posted 16th May 2022

    I need to quickly set up an e-shop, and this list came in handy. I can see that the best option for me is Bluehost and IPAGE.

  • Wordpress Star
    Posted 17th May 2022

    For people who can’t code (like me:)), Wordpress is a must. I highly recommend e.g. Bluehost or Hostwinds or Elementor

  • PHP Programmer
    Posted 18th May 2022

    People have been talking about cybersecurity a lot lately, so I chose Bluehost, because their basic offer already includes a lot of security features

  • henry
    Posted 18th May 2022

    VPS hosting from Bluehost is second to none

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