Best Hosting Sites for Blogs

Best Hosting Sites for Blogs

Content consumption is increasing. It has naturally become part of most people’s daily routine. Not long after waking up, some will be checking their phone to scroll through their social media app of choice. They might even be reading a post on their favourite blog.

Many will likely read blog posts about a particular topic on their commute to work or relaxing at home. Some will choose to read other blogs to gather inspiration about starting their own.

Starting and running a blog is becoming an increasingly common hobby. If you have ever considered writing a blog, this guide will touch on some of the key points on some of the best hosting sites for blogs.


Running a blog is an excellent way to share your passions and interests with others. If this sounds appealing to you, keep reading as this guide could help you start a new hobby.

Why More People Are Starting To Blog?

Why to start a blog

In the early years of blogging, becoming a professional blogger and earning money was not the end goal. Those who started a blog were often writing journal-style posts about what was happening. It could have been about a topic in the news or an update in the world of technology.

As the world of blogging evolved, so has the reasons for people wanting to start a blog.

The content has shifted from personal topics to professional goals. Individuals used to blog solely for their family and friends to read. Over time, it has gradually encompassed professionals writing blogs for public consumption.

Professionals choose to blog to promote their business and their brand. They are networking with fellow professionals and building on their connections through this growing medium.

Business owners utilise the increased exposure writing blog posts can bring to their business. Posting regular content onto their company’s blog provides Google with something new to index. The result is an increase in the visibility of the company’s website in the search results.

Each piece the business creates can provide information specific keywords. These keywords can help attract the businesses target audience, driving them towards a company’s website to invest in their products or services.

Businesses can also use a unique combination of blog posts and static web pages to focus on specific commercial keywords. It will help them to attract those that seek information. Catering content towards information seekers and customers can potentially lead to new business.

The business advantages and financial opportunities of running a blog are understandably one of the main reasons people start. There are numerous additional reasons for wanting to start writing a blog.

One is to educate others. Those who love to teach can use a blogging platform to inform others interested in an individual’s area of expertise. Blogging about a topic can help the person writing the posts learn more about the issue.

It provides multiple learning opportunities as individuals constantly look for ways to teach their readers.

Most Common Subjects People Blog About

Top blog topics

Across all blogging sites and platforms, there are reportedly 4.4 million new blog posts published every day. These posts cover a vast range of topics. One of the most commonly written topics is tech news, features and updates.

The tech industry is an ever-growing area—it is continuously advancing and developing. Aside from the world of tech and news, there are alternative subjects you can choose from.


More documentaries are being made surrounding sports. For Instance, The Last Dance (Basketball) and Drive To Survive (Formula 1) are popular series available on Netflix. The interest in these sports is growing due to people watching documentaries about them. Those new to the sport are looking at blogs and online posts to expand their knowledge.

If there is a sport you are interested in, writing a blog can help you learn new things and interact with others who share the same interest. It might open doors to career opportunities relating to the chosen sport you write about.

Film And Television

It might be an area that is inundated with blogs surrounding this topic. However, it is possible to make your mark when blogging about films and television shows. If there is a genre you love that is niche but does have a following, you can choose to focus on this area. It might take time to build an audience than writing about popular, beloved genres. 

When you write high-quality, engaging content and regularly post it, you can begin to build a following. Posting regularly will help search engines identify you as an authority figure. In turn, search engines will grant more traffic to your site. Gradually, you will notice this shift as there will likely be an increase in traffic visiting your website.

Writing about a niche topic can open doors to numerous possibilities and like-minded people. You may even find yourself being introduced to films within the genre you had not seen before.


Business blogs often feature on the websites of a company. They are posts created by the company, which tend to centre around its services or products. It sometimes covers topics and news updates from the company’s industry. Business blogs have become a vital tool in successful web marketing in recent years. Many online businesses are utilising the benefits running a blog provides.

Business blogs are simple and effective ways for online businesses to engage more with customers. It can also enable them to engage with potential customers, showing them what they could receive should they choose to invest in the company’s products or services.

Fashion And Beauty

The fashion and beauty industry has been a dominant force in the world of blogging. There is a growing number of fashion and beauty bloggers attempting to make their mark within the community. The impact it is having in the broader industry is extraordinary. As a result of social media influencers and online bloggers, the beauty industry in the UK has expanded.

The overall value continues to rise, along with interest in the industry. Brands are noticing the influence bloggers and social media personalities have on consumers. They are utilising that to their advantage, working tirelessly to help their products become viral trends that maybe one of their products sell out. 

If you are enthusiastic about a topic and want to share your passion with others, starting a blog could be your solution. If you are passionate about marketing, finance, photography, or a sport, writing engaging blog posts is excellent to share your passion with others.

It provides an opportunity to connect and engage with others who share the same interest.

Hosting Sites Available To Start A Blog

Deciding to start a blog about a chosen topic is the first step in your blogging journey. The next is choosing a hosting site to use where your blog posts will be published. It has to be easily accessible by all. Otherwise, you are limiting who can view the blog posts you write.

Here are some of the top hosting sites for blogs to choose from.


Bluehost Web hosting for Blog

Founded in 2003, Bluehost has rapidly grown into one of the largest providers for web hosting. Many users comment on its reliability and affordable costs when creating their blog. Bluehost provides users with a selection of services and products to choose from.

The cheapest deal Bluehost offers is $2.95 a month. Two packages are available at this price; each has its own unique benefits.

Try Bluehost


Hostinger Web hosting for Blog

Hostinger is one of the cheapest options for web hosting available on the market. The most affordable monthly plan comes in at a delightful $1.99 a month. The reasonably priced web host offers fast loading times and is ideal for running a blog.

Visitors will not have to wait for the page to load to read your latest post. Long loading times can more than likely cause people to click off the site before it has even fully loaded.

One downside to this inexpensive plan is part of shared web hosting offerings. It means your website will exist on a server and multiple other websites.

The plan is ideal for those with a limited budget and unable to afford an expensive web hosting package. The cost of the server is spit amongst many others.

Try Hostinger


Cloudways Web hosting for Blog

Cloudways is another affordable web hosting site. Its powerful servers deliver robust and easy to setup web hosting.

The managing hosting provider removes the stresses of server management, allowing users to focus on continuing to grow their business. Users are provided with many powerful tools and services to help them manage their business websites.

There are four plans available to choose from. The higher the price plan, the greater the choices available. Cloudways’ lowest plan is priced at $10, which equals to £7.38 approximately. The highest plan available comes in at $80, roughly £59.05.

Try Cloudways


HostGator Web hosting for Blog

HostGator is one of the most popular web hosts available in the industry. It currently has more than 10 million domains utilising its services.

The web hosting company offers dedicated servers, shared hosting, VPS hosting and managed WordPress hosting plans. HostGator provides users with a selection of powerful tools to use. One includes a quality websites builder, ideal for small businesses and bloggers.

HostGator’s starting price plan begins at $2.75, about £2.03. The shared hosting affordable plan is simple and includes a free domain for users to use for a year. In total,

HostGator offers five different plans, each one offering its own unique features.

Try HostGator


GreenGeeks Web hosting for Blog

GreenGeeks takes an environmentally friendly approach to business. Taking this approach has helped to mark them apart from their competitors in the ever-growing web hosting industry. The web hosting provider is committed to offsetting used energy with 300% wind credits.

Being a green company is a quality that has attracted many users and businesses. It is becoming increasingly common for companies to alter their operations by becoming more sustainable.

Many companies want to show customers that they are trying to reduce their carbon footprint. It meets the demand from customers wanting to work with environmentally friendly businesses.

Those that choose GreenGeeks get a lot of value for their money. Some of the services offered include a vast range of customer support channels, scalable hosting solutions, reliable uptime, and free nightly backups.

Try GreenGeeks

WP Engine

WP Engine Web hosting for Blog

WP Engine is a WordPress specific web host. It offers users managed plans; each is fully optimised for the platform.

WP Engine has a tremendous selection of performance-enhancing features, including a page performance solution that enables you to perform tests on your site and make necessary improvements.

There is also an add-odd called GeoTarget that helps to optimise your site for specific regions. Included in the WP Engine plans is access to great support.

Try WP Engine

Liquid Web

Liquid Web Web hosting for Blog

Liquid Web offers premium managed web hosting solutions. These solutions exceed standards in terms of their support, safety and speed. Although it does offer various feature-packed plans, benefiting from these will be costly.

Liquid Web primarily specialises in hosting large enterprises, which is noticeable in the costs of some of its packages. However, Liquid Web does provide a few affordable plans for smaller businesses.

Try Liquid Web


IPAGE Web hosting for Blog

IPAGE is a web hosting provider and full-service domain. It predominately aims towards smaller businesses wanting to enter the world of e-commerce.

Users who invest in IPAGE are offered a free domain name, unlimited disk space and an unlimited number of email addresses. The web host provider also has many other features designed to help users efficiently build and develop their site. There are plenty of pre-built website templates and themes to choose between.

IPAGE offers various plans, ranging in prices. There are affordable options; the cheapest two are $1.99 (£1.47) and $3.75 (£2.77). 


Perks Of Running A Blog

After choosing a topic and finding a hosting site for your blog, you can begin writing content to upload.

The main two advantages previously mentioned include educating others on a particular topic and generating an income.

However, the list of perks from running a blog does not stop there. These are a few more advantages you can gain by starting a blog.

Improves Writing Ability

Starting a blog can help make a noticeable difference in your writing capabilities. It can feel strange initially, mainly if you are not used to writing. Over time, the feeling will pass, and you will begin to notice that it is easier to write than before.

You will also see how you have developed a writing style that is unique to you. When you write and post content regularly, you are likely to get more responses and interactions to what you post.

It will help you understand what people like and respond to, which can help your creativity and writing. You can tailor your content and writing style to what people want, allowing you to reach a wider audience.

Meet New People

Running a blog can expose you to a larger community of new people, many of which share the same interest as you. Some established blogging communities will welcome you and provide helpful advice and tips on growing your blog.

With the popularity surrounding blogging growing, numerous events and meetups are held within various communities. It is a chance for bloggers to get together and build stronger bonds.

Learn New Skills

It might not have been a reason to start, but blogging can help you learn new abilities and skills. Some of these skills are transferrable into job roles, enabling you the chance to alter your career path possibly.

You could learn a few of these skills: SEO best practices, content management, writing for different audiences, website hosting, designing for WordPress, and social media marketing.

These skills can be learned and developed from starting and running a blog. The skills and knowledge learned does not end there. The content you choose to write about will enable you to build and expand your knowledge on that subject.

In Summary 

Do not hesitate and start your blog right now.

1. Choose a domain name.

2. Choose a reliable web hosting.

Here are some of the top hosting sites for blogs which we recommend.

3. Choose topics you want to write about.

4. Make sure that your website and every blog post is SEO friendly.

5. Upload the content regularly.

6. Monetize & Promote your blog.

7. Travel around the world 😀.

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