10 Best YouTube to MP3 Converters of all time

10 Best YouTube to MP3 Converters of all time

Do you want to start converting YouTube to MP3 right away?

4K Video Downloader and YTD Video Downloader are our top selections.

For the passionate game players: MP3 is not Max Payne 3. I do not even know if this version actually exists. Let me know in the comments section 😀.

MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer III or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III) is a compressed audio format developed by us by the Fraunhofer Society and which has been in existence for more than 30 years.

Just imagine that you come to the shop and ask the seller that you want to buy an MPEG-1 Audio Layer III player. HUH?


YouTube to MP3 converters allow you to extract the audio from YouTube videos and save it as an MP3 file to listen to later.

With so many content creators making money on YouTube, it has grown to be one of the most popular video-watching sites. Sorry, but I had to write that for those who do not know what YouTube is 😀.

You may browse any video on YouTube (and not only there), convert it to MP3 format by using the correct YouTube to MP3 converter, and save it.

Then you may copy the file to your computer, laptop, tablet, smart TV, smartphone, or MP3 player to continue playing.

But before you start downloading some video let me emphasize one thing.

YouTube has a copyright policy in place that prohibits users from downloading, playing, selling, or renting any video or music from its site without first obtaining permission.

The YouTube Terms of Service prohibit the illegal downloading and use of videos from its site, so make sure to follow their guidelines.

Furthermore, many YouTube to MP3 converters include flaws and viruses, so use with caution.

Choosing one of the premium services we propose is a sure-fire way to prevent this.

We evaluated each tool on this list on the basis of a variety of criteria, including ease of use, speed, audio quality, security requirements, and many more.

I know that you can’t wait, so let's dive in.

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links in this article are affiliate links that may provide us with a small commission at no cost to you. We are using a certain percentage of the income from the affiliate programs to constantly improve this blog and your experience.

Moreover, we will start a Learn & Earn method very soon, which will be supported from the affiliate programs as well. With this method you will be earning with us! In other words, the more we earn, the more you earn. Isn’t it beautiful?

What is the TOP YouTube to MP3 Converter?

This is the first question you ask yourself when you are going to download a video. Here are our top recommendations for YouTube to MP3 converters.

1. 4K Video Downloader

4K Download YouTube To MP3 Downloader

4K Video Downloader can download and convert videos, channels, playlists, subtitles, and other media from a variety of websites.

Furthermore, both the downloading and conversion of videos are very simple processes.

It allows you to save the video in its original quality even after conversion and enables a quick download.

Top Features:

Slideshow Maker - This application allows you to download videos, modify them, and make slideshows.

Multi-platform Compatibility - 4K Video Downloader allows you to download videos from a variety of platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo, and many more.

Audio Extraction - You may use this program to extract audio from video.

Smart Mode - Enabling the “Smart mode” function speeds up offline downloads and conversions.


It has a plethora of in-depth tutorials that will come in helpful if you are a newbie.

It enables you to download videos in bulk.

Allows you to download whole playlists and channels from YouTube.

Virtual Reality movies may also be downloaded.

You may save videos in high quality, such as 1080p, 720p, 4K, and 8K.

Allows you to extract YouTube subtitles and save them in SRT format in over 50 different languages.

The in-app proxy configuration allows you to circumvent regional limitations.

You may select from a variety of file types such as MP3, MP4, MKV, 3GP, and M4A.

The application is compatible with Win, Linux, and Mac.

On product license purchases, a 14-day money-back guarantee is provided.


4K Download YouTube To MP3 Downloader Pricing

There are three distinct price choices for 4K Video Downloader.

Special bundle deal for all 4K Video Downloader products beginning at $65.

Pro deal for just $45 (This one is the best deal, in my opinion).

Personal offer for just $15.

The YouTube to MP3 product from 4K Video Downloader stands head and shoulders above the other free online web tools available.

You can receive exceptionally high-quality audio files at these ridiculously low prices.

Risk-free trial of 4K Video Downloader’s YouTube to MP3 downloader tool.

Try 4K Video Downloader

2. YTD Video Downloader

YTD YouTube To MP3 Downloader

YTD Video Downloader is one of the most basic tools, and it is used by millions of people around the world.

It has extensive functionality and is routinely updated to accommodate cutting-edge technologies.

Furthermore, it has a clean, minimalist layout that is quick and simple to use.

Main Features:

Multi-format Compatibility - You may download and convert movies to MP3, WMV, MP4, FLV, 3GP, MOV, AVI, and other formats.

HD Videos - HD video quality is available on major streaming video sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, and others.

Advanced Panel - This feature allows you to keep track of your activity, convert numerous YouTube videos, and download them all at the same time.


The app contains a YouTube converter as well as a player.

You may pause and restart downloads.

It allows you to download videos from more than 50 websites, including Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and even Pornhub, PornoTube, Xhamster, etc. so you can really enjoy it 😀

There are no adverts on the interface.

Premium plans allow for bulk downloading.

There is free email assistance.


The free version does not allow you to download or convert more than one video at a time.

The free plan does not permit batch downloading.


YTD YouTube To MP3 Downloader Pricing

The application has a free version, but in my view, the pro versions are superior.

There are three paid options available:

1. A two-year plan for only $1.99 a month (paid bi-annually)

2. A one-year subscription costs just $3.99 per month (paid annually)

3. A one-month plan for $9.99 each month

YTD Video Downloader isn’t nearly as good as 4K Video Downloader’s YouTube to MP3 offering, but it’s still a useful and simple-to-use tool for that price.

The bottom line is as follows.

If you aren’t seeking the very best-quality YouTube to MP3 converter, YTD Video Downloader will suffice.

P.S. Do not forget Xhamster 😀.

For 30 days, you can use YTD Video Downloader risk-free.

Try YTD Video Downloader

3. Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare Uniconverter YouTube To MP3 Downloader

UniConverter by Wondershare is an excellent video converter and one of the most secure methods for downloading YouTube videos and converting them to various file formats.

You can download and convert videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, and other websites, whether you’re using a PC or a Mac.

When compared to its competitors, it promises a 30x quicker download and conversion speed.

It is used by millions of people all around the world and provides excellent video quality and formats.

Main Features:

High Customizability - With extensive editing tools, this application gives considerable flexibility and customizability.

Effective DVD Toolkit - The DVD toolkit feature allows you to build and modify DVD files effortlessly.

Optimized Video Tools - It includes a variety of optimized video tools such as a video compressor, screen recorder, picture converter, GIF creator, VR converter, and DVD converter.


You can save and convert videos from a variety of platforms, including Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube, and Facebook.

It makes it simple to convert videos or photographs into GIFs.

It has a very user-friendly UI.

Compression is possible with the video compressor without compromising quality.

It offers a series of free DVD templates from which to pick.

You may stream videos from your PC or Mac to Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, or Playstation.

24/7 Customer support via live chat or email.

This tool offers a 30-day return policy as well as free lifetime updates.


Only Windows systems are compatible with Blu-ray editing.


Uniconverter Wondershare YouTube To MP3 Downloader Pricing

UniConverter by Wondershare offers two price options that are applicable to the majority of users.

1. Perpetual plan for $89.99 (one-time purchase).

2. $59.99 annual plan, invoiced annually.

Apparently, the Perpetual plan is a better buy, so if you’re seeking a YouTube to MP3 converter developed by a renowned business like Wondershare, don’t hesitate to give this a try.

UniConverter is an excellent solution, with a 30-day money-back guarantee and quick access to your downloaded and converted YouTube videos on Mac and/or Windows.

Start using Wondershare UniConverter now.

Try Wondershare UniConverter

4. SnapDownloader YouTube to MP3

SnapDownloader YouTube To MP3 Downloader

SnapDownloader is, without a doubt, one of the best-known YouTube to MP3 converters.

It’s equivalent to 4K Video Downloader, our top pick, because it produces some of the greatest-quality audio files from a YouTube MP3 converter that I've listened to.

Furthermore, it is a full-fledged YouTube video downloader, so you will only need this one program for all of your video downloading.

Key Features:

Automatically converts video to audio - no need to do this individually.

Compatibility with over 900 platforms - you’re not limited to a basic YouTube to MP3 converter here. When you download a video from a content creator, it also downloads the audio.

Built-in YouTube search - from within the platform, you can look for YouTube videos and begin downloading them with a single click.


Download videos and audio files in resolutions ranging from 8K to 720p

Easy-to-use interface that is far more user-friendly than many of the free YouTube to MP3 converters available

Converts to seven distinct file formats, including MP3, MP4, AVI, AAC, WAV, M4A, and AIFF

Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

It supports more than 900 websites. Are you f*cking kidding me?

Download up to 15 videos in bulk so you don’t have to waste time doing it one at a time

Compatibility with Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS 10.10 and higher


The only “con” of this product is the fact that it is not free.

But I do not want to call it a disadvantage because you always get what you pay for when it comes to software.


SnapDownloader YouTube To MP3 Downloader Pricing

SnapDownloader has five distinct price options:

1. The “Family Edition” lifetime offer includes a license for three computers for the low price of $54.99.

2. The “Personal Edition” lifetime offer entitles you to one license for one PC for the low price of $29.99.

3. With the “Annual Subscription” option, you may buy one license for one PC for $19.99 a year.

4. With the “3-Month Subscription” option, you may buy one license for one PC for $14 per three months.

5. The “Monthly Subscription” option allows you to purchase one license for one PC for $8 per month.

It suffices to say that the Family Edition lifetime price for $54.99 is a bargain.

SnapDownloader comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Try SnapDownloader risk-free right now.

Try SnapDownloader

5. aTube Catcher

aTube Catcher YouTube To MP3 Downloader

One of the most popular YouTube to MP3 converters and screen recorders on this list is aTube Catcher. You will also save crucial computer resources by using this program.

Furthermore, it is appropriate for both beginners and specialists.

Key Features:

Multi-device Compatibility - it is compatible with a wide range of devices, including the iPad, iPod, GPS devices, DVD, PSP, VCD, smartphones, and many others.

Multi-format Compatibility - this app can convert movies into a variety of formats such as MP2, MP3, MP4, FLAC, GIF, WMA, WAV, and many others.

Multi-language Compatibility - it is multi-language compatible, allowing you to view videos in almost many versions.


It can also burn video to DVD/VCD

It has an in-built screen recorder to capture on-screen videos

You may utilize videos from a variety of platforms, including Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Yahoo, Metacafe, and others.

Enables fast MP3 file conversion

It can capture and convert video chat sessions from Windows Live Messenger, DVD movies, Webinars, and many more

Allows you to download one copy of the software on your PC for personal use

It also includes a useful drag & drop editor

This application allows batch conversion of video files and downloading of a YouTube playlist

It is regularly updated to ensure seamless video conversion


The tool fits brilliantly with YouTube, but is occasionally incompatible with other platforms.


It is completely free.

6. Freemake

Freemake YouTube To MP3 Downloader

Freemake is a well-known app that is used by over 100 million people globally. It can edit and convert videos as well as extract certain parts for your needs.

The app’s main focus is the quality of the downloaded videos.

Key Characteristics:

Multi-platform Compatibility - Freemake allows you to extract and save videos from a variety of platforms, including Vimeo, YouTube, and Dailymotion.

Superb Video Editing - You may use this tool to edit, cut, change, connect, and rotate any videos.

Multi-format compatibility - In addition to MP3 and MP4, you may convert and store your files in AVI, MKV, WMV, 3GP, and a number of other formats.

Subtitles Feature - It lets you download videos with subtitles.


You can use the app to embed videos online and burn DVD/VCDs

It allows you to easily download and convert massive 4K, Full HD, and HD files

It provides services in four languages

You can use the app to embed videos online and burn DVD/VCDs

It allows you to save and convert up to 500 clips simultaneously

It allows you to unblock, convert, and download videos that have been explicitly prohibited on video streaming services, as well as enabling parental control for adult sites.

It’s a fast tool that takes less than four minutes to convert an entire two-hour full HD video

You can control and limit the download speed in the event of limited resources

This tool is accessible in a free version.


Doesn’t always guarantee high-speed conversions.

The free version has a watermark.


It is completely free.

7. YTMP3 – YouTube to MP3 Converter

YTMP3 YouTube To MP3 Downloader

YTMP3 is one of the most user-friendly YouTube to MP3 converters on the market.

The great news is that this free tool works with all devices, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Key Characteristics:

Multi-format support - Files can be converted and stored in MP4 and MP3 formats.

Quality emphasis - Although this tool does not allow you to adjust the file quality, the software’s in-built code always ensures high quality.

Edit file names - When you save a file, you can use this tool to edit, modify, and personalize it.


This application has fast conversion and download speeds

It has no hidden pop-ups or adverts and is virus-free

The website is free of toolbars

It has a simple, uncomplicated user interface

It’s best for personal & non-commercial use

The tool is quick, conversions normally take two minutes


Batch conversions are not available

You can’t adjust the quality of the audio files or the formats of the audio files

It is not possible to convert videos that are not in the public domain

It doesn’t work with videos that are longer than 90 minutes


It is completely free.

8. AVC (Any Video Converter)

AVC (Any Video Converter) YouTube To MP3 Downloader

AVC is a simple app that is used by millions of individuals across the world.

Its unique selling points are its ease of use and fast conversions.

Furthermore, it claims an ad-free, malware-free, and spyware-free interface that is virus-proof.

Key Characteristics:

Multi-platform compatibility - It allows you to download videos from sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many others.

High HEVC - This function ensures that downloaded videos are just a fraction of their original size, allowing for a faster approach to converting videos with higher quality.

Video burning - You may download, store, and burn videos to blank DVDs.


You may cut and edit videos, modify frame rates, video and audio quality, and bit rates, and customize them.

It supports a variety of video inputs, including MP4, MPEG, WMV, VOB, 3GP, MKV, 3G2, and MOD.

It also supports a wide range of video formats, including WMV, MPG, AVI, MP4, ASF, 3GP, M2TS, 3G2, FLV, and others.

This tool supports NVIDIA NVENC, AMD AMF, and Intel QSV hardware acceleration

The premium (ultimate) version allows you to record and capture video screens.

The program supports batch conversion.

The paid version includes a free trial period as well as lifetime free upgrades and customer support.

Multi-language support


The free version does not provide ready-to-use DVD templates

You must install the program to use it


AVC (Any Video Converter) YouTube To MP3 Downloader Pricing

It has a freemium plan that is appropriate for personal usage.

In addition, the premium version costs $49.95.

9. Y2mate

Y2mate YouTube To MP3 Downloader

Y2mate is well recognized for its user-friendly interface and extensive capabilities.

It’s also quite easy to use.

Simply copy the URL from the browser, paste it into the text editor, and then click the ‘Convert’ button.

Key Characteristics:

Multi-format support - This app supports a variety of video output formats: MV4, 3GP, MP4, WMV, MO, FLV, MP3, and many others.

Infinite Capacity - You may download and convert an endless number (and even more 😀) of videos with this app.

Cross-platform compatibility - You may use it to download and convert videos from sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and others.


It is completely compatible with all browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera, etc.)

It has a clear, straightforward user interface and operates quickly

It also has browser extensions for rapid downloading

It does not allow pop-ups on its interface, making it relatively safe

You do not need to register or use any other software

It has a quick loading time

It supports several languages, Burmese including 😀


The optimal conversion speed is only accessible for videos eight to ten minutes long.

Long videos take longer to convert.

The server occasionally takes too long to react or does not respond at all.


Guess what! It is completely free.

10. DVDVideoSoft.

DVDVideoSoft YouTube To MP3 Downloader

DVDVideoSoft is a prominent video downloader and conversion app, with over 300 million downloads worldwide.

It is continually updated to ensure that the user experience is as good as possible.

It’s also quite simple to use.

Simply copy the URLs of the YouTube videos, put them into the text editor, then click the ‘Convert’ button. That’s all. Believe me 😀.

Key Characteristics:

Support for several formats - You may convert and save files in AVI, MP4, and MP3 formats.

Multi-format YouTube stream - You may stream it in MKV, MP4 up to 8K UHD, MP3, and WEBM.

Subtitle download - You can quickly download subtitles using this app.


DVDVideoSoft is simple to use; simply copy-paste the URL into the text editor and convert

This app supports bulk downloading from YouTube

Its download speed is fast

It allows you to open and reads lists of YouTube links from any text file

It can instantly transfer videos to iTunes and export them to all Apple devices

The video quality of the downloaded videos is excellent

It also allows you to select the quality on the basis of your needs

It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and other platforms


The program only allows you to download from YouTube. Never mind, YouTube contains billions of videos.


It is completely free.

What is a YouTube to MP3 Converter?

YouTube to MP3 converters allow you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format using only your web browser.

1. Use a YouTube to MP3 Converter.

2. Copy & paste the YouTube URL of the video in that converter.

3. Download the converted MP3 file.

All of these tools allow you to download and convert YouTube videos to the MP3 format. Since YouTube is the largest online video source, you may watch and consequently download a broad selection of videos.

You will no longer require an active internet connection after you’ve changed to this format. You may watch the videos on any MP3-capable device.

Moreover, MP3 is not the only format into which you may convert your favorite YouTube video.

Most of these applications are quite versatile, allowing you to convert your YouTube video URLs into a variety of formats such as MP3, WMV, MPEG4, OGG Theora, and OGG Vorbis.

Today, there are several accessible free converters. DVDVideoSoft, AVC, Y2mate, and others are among the most well-known utilities.

What Is the Best Way to Use YouTube to MP3 Converters?

Although there are various ways to convert YouTube video to MP3 audio, an online YouTube to MP3 converter works the best.

Here’s an example of how to utilize DVDVideoSoft, one of the market’s leading solutions. It also allows you to convert YouTube videos instantly to MP3 format.

Almost all of these apps work in the same way, so you follow the same steps everywhere. I can see how you are smiling right now.

1. Remember that copyright infringement is a felony that can be prosecuted. Make sure you have authorization from the appropriate authorities before using the search box on any tool. Some tools already have an in-built filter which allows you to download only appropriate videos.

2. Next, navigate to the YouTube video and copy the YouTube video URL.

3. Launch the converter and paste the video link into the text box.

4. Most apps will provide you with a number of options for the format in which you wish to save the YouTube video. MP3, M4A, FLAC, AAC, and WAC are some of the most popular.

5. The majority of the tools will present a table asking you to choose the audio quality you want in the file.

6. Finally, press the ‘Download’ button.

Conversions are often completed in a matter of a few minutes. However, it is mostly determined by the quality you select and the size of the file.

Another plus is that many of these converters allow you to download files both in bulk and individually.

What to Look For in YouTube to MP3 Converters

Sound quality - When converting YouTube to MP3, the converted file must have a high resolution and excellent video quality. You should ideally be able to select the quality you desire, whether low, medium, or high. DVDVideoSoft, for example, allows you to select the file’s quality. Aside from file quality, you may wish to choose a converter on the basis of variables such as significance and storage capacity. Look for video files that can be ripped at 320kbps.

Downloading Multiple Videos at Once - You might wish to download YouTube videos in bulk from time to time. In such instances, the batch downloading option is likely to come in helpful. As a result, make certain that the application you use allows you to save and convert many files at the same time. aTube Catcher is such an example.

Support for several file formats - Although most converters utilize MP3 as their default format, you may need to use another format such as FLAC, AAC, or MP4. As a result, an ideal conversion tool should be multi-format compatible.

Pre-installed editors - Video editing needs might arise at any time, whether you’re converting for a business or personal reason. As a result, it is a necessary prerequisite for selecting an app. 4K Download is a great example.

High Speed - The app should be able to convert YouTube videos quickly to MP3 or other formats. If you’re searching for a fast YouTube to MP3 converter, 4K Download or UniConverter are brilliant options.

Easy to use - Yes, this is very important since you do not want to waste your time by clicking hundreds of times on some buttons. Ideally, the tool should be based on the Drag & Drop system.

Trusted source - If the tool must be downloaded, make sure that the website and tool are reliable and free of any kind of virus.


I have put together the list of the best YouTube to MP3 converters and thus you will not have to search for them anywhere else.

I have clearly described the pros and cons of every converter, so it is clearly up to you which one you choose.

As you can see, every downloader/converter has its own set of features and quality.

If you want to save and convert a video to MP3 really quickly you can use any of the online YouTube Converters. Y2Mate is a very good example.

However, if you prefer more complex capabilities, higher-quality audio, SoundCloud connections, and support for hundreds of websites and other features, we highly recommend more capable tools, such as 4K Download, UniConverter – Best Video Converter, or YTD Video Downloader.

You will not regret it.

Further reading on YourTopBlog.com: If you are still not sure how to properly download a video from YouTube or from some other websites please check our complete guide on how to download YouTube videos.

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