GreenGeeks an Eco-Friendly Web Hosting: An Ultimate Review

GreenGeeks an Eco-Friendly Web Hosting: An Ultimate Review

There's one aspect GreenGeeks pushes more than any other web host: its environmentally-friendly approach.

GreenGeeks Eco-Friendly Website

However, is it also an approach that is friendly for website performance? This comprehensive review provides the answer!


An Introduction to GreenGeeks Web Hosting

GreenGeeks Eco-Friendly Web Hosting

GreenGeeks launched in 2008 with one primary goal: to lower the amount of energy guzzled up by the web hosting industry.

As a result, their mission was to grow and become the world's most eco-friendly website host – and they've more than achieved that goal.

To date, the platform hosts more than 500,000 sites, and they're not stopping there. GreenGeeks has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States for four years straight with INC 5000.

They also don't simply use their eco-friendly approach as a selling point. GreenGeeks states it puts "back 3 times the power we consume into the grid in the form of renewable energy."

This commitment means that businesses that use their services don't only feel good about how they're helping the environment, but they can also use this to promote their own eco-friendly approach.

Yet GreenGeeks' push as one of the fastest-growing web hosts on the planet cannot be achieved with just good intentions. There has to be strong performance levels under the hood.

GreenGeeks Eco Web Hosting

This is why this web host commits to a 99.9% uptime guarantee, supplies 24/7/365 support, and has data centers located in Phoenix, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, and Amsterdam.

They also claim to have "best speed technologies" to maximize page speeds.

With all of these aspects, and alongside the growing pressure for brands to adopt an eco-friendly mindset, GreenGeeks appears like an ideal option in the search for a web host.

Before signing up, however, this review will take a closer look to see if their claims and features are as they seem.

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GreenGeeks Key Features

GreenGeeks Key Features

When selecting a web host, you want one that offers a robust collection of features that ultimately benefit your website and its performance. Fortunately, GreekGeeks has an assortment of noteworthy features that'll catch your eye.

1. Energy-efficient

Ultimately, the eco-friendly nature of GreenGeeks is its core feature. The web host has taken every possible step to maximize their energy-efficient approach, to the point they aim to avoid wasting any resources.

On top of that, they also give back to the environment in a big way. For each amperage they use from the grid, they match this by 300% in the form of renewable energy.

Oh, and for every hosting account that signs up, they plant one tree – giving new customers instant gratification from choosing GreenGeeks!

2. Ample, scalable hosting solutions

There are numerous hosting solutions available at GreenGeeks, ensuring all web hosting needs are met – whether the customer is a new startup or an established, long-running website with millions of monthly visitors.

Their general hosting plans are as follows: web hosting, WordPress hosting, and VPS hosting.

There are differently priced plans under each one, from Lite to Premium, that can further match up to the specific needs of a customer. In addition, these are easily scalable if a site outgrows the boundaries set in the initial plan chosen.

3. Best speed technologies

Speed is imperative. If a website is sluggish or unresponsive, visitors won't be impressed – and they will quickly depart and journey to a competitor's site.

GreenGeeks recognizes this point clearly, and that's why they utilize what they declare as "best speed technologies".

These technologies include LSCache, MariaDB, LiteSpeed, and HTTP/2. GreenGeeks also uses SSD Storage Arrays, which further assists in producing lightning-fast page loading speeds with maximum redundancy.

4. 24/7 support

GreenGeeks supplies expert support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This type of accessible support can be invaluable for anyone who encounters an urgent problem with their website which needs fixing ASAP.

It's also handy to have in the background if, for example, a site owner is curious about how a certain feature works.

The support channels offered by GreenGeeks are available to everyone, even those on the most inexpensive hosting plan.

It's also possible to communicate by live chat, phone, or with their ticketing system. These options ensure they can reply to questions and inquiries in a swift, timely fashion.

5. Weebly website builder

For those unfamiliar with website design and who don't opt for GreenGeeks' WordPress hosting, a simple solution is offered in the form of the Weebly website builder.

This builder is a simple drag-and-drop tool where you simply pick what themes, features, and content to add.

Yet despite its simplicity, don't mistake this for it being an underpowered one. With Weebly, it's possible to craft a site that is modern, slick, and professional.

Aside from Weebly and content management systems like the aforementioned WordPress, GreenGeeks also offers another drag-and-drop site builder in the form of SitePad.

With various options on the table, there's something for everyone to meet their site-building needs.

6. Free additions for all hosting plans

Sign up for a hosting plan with GreenGeeks, and you will gain an assortment of free additions instantly.

Some of the stand-out free features include a complimentary domain name (for the first year) and an SSL certificate.

There's also no limit on the amount of bandwidth used by a website, while a free migration service is supplied for those that need to move their site from an existing host.

GreenGeeks Pricing Options

As you would expect with numerous hosting plans, there is a significant difference in the pricing options at GreenGeeks.

The cheapest plan starts at just $2.95 per month, whereas the most advanced VPS hosting plan sits at $109.95 per month.

As with other providers, the most affordable options are their shared hosting plans.

GreenGeeks Shared Hosting Pricing Options

In ensuring they stack up well against their rivals, the shared hosting options at GreenGeeks are competitively priced.

This is especially the case with their Lite package, which is available from just $2.95 per month.

The Pro package jumps up to $5.95 per month, and the Premium option is $10.95 monthly.

As for which one to choose, this is dependent on the needs of the website owner.

The Lite plan includes 50GB web space and "standard" performance, whereas Pro has unlimited webspace and "better" performance, and Premium goes one better with "best" performance.

This is the same with their WordPress hosting options.

GreenGeeks Wordpress Hosting Pricing Options

For the actual best performance, however, look no further than their managed VPS hosting solutions.

GreenGeeks VPS Hosting Pricing Options

The cheapest VPS plan, which includes 2GB RAM and 50GB SSD disk space, is available at $39.95 per month.

The next option has 4GB RAM and 75GB SSD disk space at $59.95 monthly, and the premium choice at $109.95 per month has 8GB RAM and 150GB SSD disk space.

We should not forget to mention their Reseller hosting.

GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting Pricing Options

Support our planet by using GreenGeeks.

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Great performance

The performance delivered by GreenGeeks is up there with the best web hosts in their respective fields. Their best speed technologies are putting in the work, as page speeds are notably zippy and consistent.

This is essential for lowering your website's bounce rate, as a quick site will keep visitors sticking around.

This performance also extends to its uptime performance. GreenGeeks is a reliable platform when it comes to uptime. In fact, it pretty much matches its 99.9% uptime claim – something that other providers struggle to do.

Fast support

You never know when you'll require support from your web host. Even if you're an experienced site developer, it's still possible to encounter problems that can put up a roadblock on your efforts to move forward.

Fortunately, GreenGeeks has fantastic customer support. The live chat function will connect you with a specialist in no time, ensuring you get informative answers quickly.

You can also contact their support team by phone or support ticket. Although before you go with either choice, check out the extensive knowledge base to see if your question has already been answered.

Supports the environment

GreenGeeks Environment-friendly website

Yes, this review is going to mention it again – but it deserves repeating! No other web host commits to being green as much as GreenGeeks.

Plus, while it's important to think of the positive impact it has on the environment, it can also be used as a positive for your brand.

By demonstrating you are eco-friendly with how your site is powered, it can be a marketing tool for your business.

Nightly backups

You can never quite prepare for when your website might crash or get hacked. Whether it's self-inflicted damage or caused by a cyberattack, it can be catastrophic for your brand.

Being down for an extended period of time can lose you visitors and sales and may even cause you to plummet down the Google SEO rankings.

The good news is that GreenGeeks takes security seriously. They provide real-time security scanning, Spam Assassin protection, automatic detection of brute force, and more.

Perhaps most importantly is their approach to nightly backups. By backing up your site each night for free, you can rest assured your data is regularly backed up – and it can be quickly restored if your site becomes compromised.


Windows server hosting not offered

If you want to work with Windows rather than Linux, you're out of luck with GreenGeeks. They only stick with the latter, which means Windows-based hosting solutions are not available.

With that said, this isn't too big of an issue as Linux is the most prevalent operating system when it comes to web servers. You'll only need the alternative if you require specific Windows applications.

Domain name worries

As part of their shared hosting plans, GreenGeeks supplies you with a free domain name for the first year. Keep in mind you have to pay for this in the future, with a .com name renewing at $13.95 annually – and the pricing can differ wildly depending on the domain extension you use.

The price of the domain name also factors into their money-back guarantee. If you take them up on this refund, the 'free' domain name registration fee is deducted from the amount you'll receive.


For a number of years now, GreenGeeks has continued to surge in popularity.

The eco-friendly nature of the business has helped give it distinction and a unique selling point.

GreenGeeks Green Web Hosting

Yet beyond that, it performs admirably as a web host provider.

It delivers the speed, performance, reliability, and security that website owners seek in this day and age.

So, in summary, yes, GreenGeeks is one of the best routes to take when you require a web host.

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