Adobe Premiere Pro - The Video Editing Software: An Ultimate Review

Adobe Premiere Pro - The Video Editing Software: An Ultimate Review

Some years ago, the media-savvy of this world predicted that the future of storytelling lay in the video.

That future has now emerged, with most consumers watching videos to keep them up to date on the news, to inspire their purchases, or simply to be entertained on their commute.

These videos are painstakingly stitched together using a form of video editing software. The better the software, the less pain, friction, and frustration are involved in the edit itself.

Up there, with the best of them, Adobe Premiere Pro offers the complete suite of web editing software. But it is the intuitive, user-friendly service and the slick, speedy rendering that makes the Adobe program a cut above the rest.

In this ultimate review, we will walk you through the benefits of using Adobe Premiere Pro – as well as the key features that you will find on this program that you will not find anywhere else.

Video Editing

Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Software

Before we get started, it is worth pointing out how valuable a good video editing program can be.

You might have been producing videos with the free software included in your operating system, whether you are on a Windows, a Linux, or a Mac.

They might look fairly professional. You might be content with what you are making.

That is because you have not experienced the power and simplicity of better video editing software.

They save you hours in the cutting room while producing far more sparkly, professional videos. In a world of media dominated by video, you will want to differentiate by making your videos as fantastic as possible.

That is where packages like Adobe’s come.

Introducing Adobe software

Adobe Premiere Pro One Of The Best Video Editing Software

Over the past two decades, Adobe has worked hard to make its brand synonymous with digital creativity.

As such, it offers a wide suite of software, including InDesign for magazine editors, AfterEffects for animators, Illustrate for – you guessed it – illustrators, and Premiere Pro for video editors seeking excellence in all they do.

Try Adobe Premiere Pro >>

There are pros and cons to Adobe’s dominance. The pro is that they truly know how to support creatives in producing white-label software that is often far above the competition.

It is so synonymous that, when you are stuck, you will be able to find a YouTube tutorial to help you find a fix within minutes.

The con is that Adobe is often trying to straddle two worlds: the world of the professional video editor, who wants all the bells and whistles at their fingertips, and the world of the novice, who is looking for a sleek video editing software that does most of the heavy lifting for them.

Do not be discouraged if you are inexperienced in video editing, though. Adobe knows how to guide you through the editing process and its unique interface, giving you the skills, you need to properly harness the power of its video editing software.

Adobe Premiere Pro features

We will not go into the features that you would expect from any old video editing software because they, of course, are present in Adobe’s software too.

Instead, we will take a look at what Adobe does exceptionally well – giving you reasons to at least trial the software so that you can experience for yourself why thousands of creatives are delighted to use this software every day.

Intuitive interface

The complete suite of tools

Rendering speed

Plugin and app compatibility

Unique tools

Let’s examine each of these in turn to give you a better idea of what Adobe’s doing exceptionally well in the video editing space.

Intuitive interface

Having essentially designed the gold-standard interface for all creative design products, Adobe knows a thing or two about making an interface that is at once beautifully simple and incredibly complex.

It is simple because you will not need a guided tour of the features to spot the go-to buttons that every video editor will be hitting regularly.

Most common buttons are right there on the screen, which means simple edits are a breeze.

It is complex because, if you want to explore the software’s extra features, you can quickly find yourself in a labyrinth of tools and effects that will make your video as distinctive and engaging as possible.

You can, of course, avoid this maze of features if you wish, and most of them are tucked away from sight, which means you will not be befuddled when you first get to grips with the software.

A complete suite of tools

Adobe Premiere Pro

There is nothing more frustrating than downloading a video editing software, getting halfway through the edit, and finding that something you had planned for is simply not supported by the software you are using.

Either you find a compromise fix in these scenarios, or you throw up your hands in frustration and search for better editing software.

Happily, it is doubtful that anyone has ever had this experience when using Adobe Premiere Pro. The “Pro” mantle says it all: this is a software that is used by some of the world’s most accomplished video editors, as well as the nonprofessional who is trying to put out a YouTube video every day.

The sheer range of creative ideas that Adobe supports with its tools is staggering – and you will get an impression of what you can do, using simple, intuitive tools by watching Adobe’s promotional videos or by watching YouTubers run you through some of the software’s most dazzling tools.

Rendering speed

Another common pain point for video editors is waiting for a video to render or an effect to take effect on a clip.

That is sometimes due to computer speed, but it is also often down to the plumbing of the software itself.

Adobe is the friend of creatives and, as such, has worked hard to soothe this pain point. You will notice it right away: your videos load quicker, you can edit them quicker, and you can watch clips back with unparalleled speed.

All of this is down to Adobe’s years of tweaking and optimizing, which you can really feel when you are at work in the program.

Start using Adobe Premiere Pro now.

There is a slight downside to this rending speed efficiency. Most Adobe products are designed for high-end computers and will run fairly slowly, or not at all, on cheaper laptops.

So, if you are a budget video editor with a bottom-of-the-range laptop, you might want to search for a less professional software to edit your videos.

Plugin and app compatibility

Adobe loves creatives, and over the years, it has amassed something of a community of feature, tool, and plugin designers who have worked tirelessly to make Adobe-compatible products that you can tap into on Adobe Premiere Pro.

Features you never knew you needed features in this ecosystem of creative software, including apps that help you understand the size of the file you are creating or plugins that take the labor out of stop-motion animation.

Anything you can imagine can be plugged into Adobe’s software, making editors’ lives that bit easier in the process.

You will find brilliant articles about these plugins and apps on Adobe’s website, while there are hundreds of articles that you can readily find on Google – and video explainers on YouTube – that will make you aware of some of the most popular video editing tools that you can add to your Adobe program.

Unique tools

As well as offering all this excellence, Adobe has still found the time to conjure up some pretty outstanding tools, many of which are best-of-class and simply unmatched by other leading video editing software solutions.

For instance, let’s take a video editing pain point and explain how Adobe has addressed it.

You have been out filming something exciting, only to come back to the editing room to find that your hands were shaky, and anyone watching the resultant video is going to feel dizzy, disorientated, and dismayed.

Adobe’s video stabilization tool has finally put to rest this editor’s quibble, helping you adjust the frame so that the shaking is much reduced.

There are dozens of other features that are equally exciting and alluring, produced by the expert team at Adobe.

If you are someone who produces diverse content that mixes up animation and real-world video, you will find that Adobe is the program to help you stitch it all together without leaving you bouncing off the walls in frustration.

The Adobe universe

So, those are the key features of Adobe Premiere Pro that make it such a powerful and beloved program. But what about the rest of the Adobe universe – the ecosystem of Adobe creative software that you can purchase, other than the video editing software?

Adobe is obviously keen to see you purchase wider packages of its software. This is both useful and a little frustrating at times.

It is useful because you will be able to seamlessly copy an animation you have worked on in Adobe AfterEffects and paste it into Adobe Premiere Pro. The interoperability here makes Adobe incredibly attractive for multimedia producers and creatives.

The downside is that you might feel pressured to download a little more Adobe software if you are looking to add different forms of media to your videos.

Because Premiere Pro is so fixed inside the Adobe universe, it makes it a little more difficult to import files from other programs. That is something to bear in mind if you are thinking about purchasing a subscription to Premiere Pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro pricing

Adobe Premiere Pro Pricing

So how much does Adobe Premiere Pro cost to use? Well, it is a subscription-based service, so you will have the option of paying each month – and discontinuing whenever you feel like it – or paying slightly less per month for an annual subscription.

The subscription service is certainly a better offering than the one-off software purchase, which ran into the hundreds of dollars and represented a very off-putting investment for those who were not convinced if Premiere Pro was for them.

If you are paying per month, you will pay $31.49 to enjoy Adobe Premiere Pro. If you sign up for an annual subscription, that figure reduces to just $20.99 per month. If either of these feels like a steep investment, you can also try a free trial, which lasts a month and will give you a taste of all the features we have highlighted here.

As we mentioned above, there is also the option to purchase Adobe’s full suite of software – though this is only going to be an attractive option for those who would regularly use the other software programs.

If you are interested in access to Adobe Creative Cloud, you will be looking at $52.99 per month for an annual subscription or $74.99 per month on a rolling monthly basis.

It is expensive, but it does open up a Pandora’s Box of software that could take your creative endeavors to the next level.

Is Adobe Premiere Pro for me?

That is a question we hoped you would ask. If you have found your way to this article, it is clear that you are in the market for a powerful video editing software that will help your creations pop with flair and energy. Of course, Adobe offers that.

The question that you are asking is whether you should shell out for an Adobe Premiere Pro subscription or whether you should opt for a lower-grade software that charges less or is free to use in a web browser.

If that is the quandary, you are in, bear in mind that Adobe’s software is designed not only to make your videos better but also to save you time.

If you are working at $30 an hour as a video editor, an hour saved across a month means that you will already have made back your subscription fee.

That is before you consider that software subscriptions are tax-deductible for businesses and freelancers, which means in any case that you will not actually see a loss of earnings by engaging with Adobe’s winning software solutions.

Try Adobe Premiere Pro >>

The answer to your question is this: if you have a laptop powerful enough to run Adobe software, there are few video editing software providers who can compete with Premiere Pro.

It is in a league of its own and will help you make stunning videos – in less time than you are spending right now.

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