Grammarly – The Best AI Writing Assistant: Reviewed by Professional Writers

Grammarly – The Best AI Writing Assistant: Reviewed by Professional Writers

Let me tell you a secret. We live in a world full of shortcuts and simple tricks.

My secret for you is that you can skip the five years of college meant to improve your English from C1 to C2 and simply let the application work miracles.

It is difficult to write like an English native with a degree in linguistics, but it is possible with the right tools.

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Carrying a 500-page copy of Oxford Modern English Grammar in your purse or pocket is physically harmful, not only to your spine, but also to your mind.

Constantly worrying about the grammatically correct written words of a sentence does not belong in the world of advanced technologies of the 21st century.

Introduction to the Grammarly

Grammarly - The Best AI Typing Assistant

Surely you know the funny feeling when you're not sure how to correctly determine grammatical categories of words, often in the simplest sentences.

You know you've learned it at some point in your life, and even if you write the whole sentence correctly, you're still wondering about a single letter in a word.

Is it effect or efect, is it have had or had had?

A smart application called Grammarly (powered by machine learning and NLP) can relieve you of that unpleasant feeling.

It focuses on all the grammatical errors that prevent your text from being brought to perfection.

Grammar is a scary word for many people, but to handle this matter of writing means to be recognized by other people as a responsible and confident person.

Together, lexicology, phonetics, syntax, morphology, and stylistics form a study dealing with the construction of the whole text piece by piece. Grammarly covers everything that is connected with written communication and completely revises the process of creating it.

Imagine that every time you want to write a text of any genre, whether it's a chat message to a friend, a work email, a complaint letter, or any kind of written communication, you have a silent advisor to correct any inconsistencies in the text.

If an error occurs, Grammarly flags those issues and lets you decide whether you want to accept or dismiss them.

It is not strict and does not force you to change the text according to its algorithm; you can feel free to ignore Grammarly’s comments and continue to write in your own rebellious style. It is still you who is the creator of the text.

Key features

Grammarly - Key Features

Grammarly defines its purpose by saying "Great writing, simplified."

We take writing as a very common activity, like running or talking, because we learned it in childhood and often don't pay special attention to it. However, we can improve all these skills to such an extent that they become our main strengths.

There is a theory about an infinite monkey that you may have heard of – a monkey hitting keys randomly on a typewriter for an infinite amount of time will almost certainly write any given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare.

The monkey is capable of writing every possible finite text an infinite number of times. Simplified, you give someone a lot of time and a keyboard, and they will eventually learn how to write.

We have a little advantage over a monkey – we know how to write, and now we only have to do so not without a small possibility, but with precise intention.

Grammarly's application focuses on the simple proofreading of English texts in the way we are used to from the usual software features – underlining typos or incorrectly spelled words – but expands its effect on the grammatical structure of the sentence and the overall context.

The functioning of Grammarly is not complicated: if it detects a certain inconsistency in the text, just move the cursor to the underlined word and the application will immediately suggest a possible correction in the pop-up window.

If you want to keep the selected part of the text in its original form, just dismiss the selected issue and the application will no longer bother you with it.

In a more detailed pop-up window, the application offers easy scrolling through all the errors in the text, so everything can be corrected in one place. You don't have to look for specific typos throughout the entire text, Grammarly will do it for you.

Grammarly - Key Features - Tone Detection

This function also explains to you why it is dealing with the underlined word, i.e. it detects the correctness, punctuation, grammar, spelling, clarity, and conciseness of the text.

If you want to learn about a given problematic grammar issue, and how to write a word or sentence correctly next time, just click on the information sign. The application immediately offers you a dictionary explanation of the grammatical phenomenon or the correctly used punctuation.

As an example, we can use the comma from the last sentence of the previous paragraph.

If the comma before the conjunction AND was missing, Grammarly would notice this and give you a perfect explanation for using the serial comma:

The serial comma (also called the Oxford comma) is the last comma before the coordinating conjunction and the final item in a series. Many style guides require the serial comma, while a few advise against it. There are times when it must be used to avoid confusion or ambiguity.

Moreover, Grammarly provides a simple, understandable context of other sentences with problematic issues to give you a better overview.

If you are not satisfied with the solution offered, you can send feedback directly to the Grammarly page or evaluate the explanation provided, or suggest how the error correction feature could be improved.

In addition to an actual application that can be installed directly on your device, Grammarly has a website that maintains a connection between users and the service provider.

There are blogs with various tips for improving your grammar, it offers a lot of articles related to improving yourself in writing various articles and literary genres.

You can find articles here on how to write marriage vows, eulogies, and celebration toasts, what to avoid when writing emails, and which introductory sentence to choose in argumentative essays or letters.

In addition, the articles deal with topics from linguistics, such as indirect characterization, mass nouns, allusion, rhetorical questions, oxymorons, and even interesting facts from the field of literature, such as poets' famous quotes for every day, how to avoid plagiarism, interesting facts about world authors, personification, and common tricks for staying motivated while writing.

Each of the articles has a colorful illustration with interesting graphics, the website is very much alive, and its reading brings useful knowledge for text creation.

The website offers grammar checks completely free of charge, even if you do not want to have the Grammarly application installed directly on your device.

Grammarly - Key Features - Grammar Checks

It helps you to enhance your writing, eliminate grammatical errors, and fix tricky spelling and punctuation errors.

However, we recommend using the free version of the application, as the whole process is simpler and more pleasant to use. It is possible to create an account directly on the Grammarly page, which will record your personal dictionary.

You can add words that you do not want the application to evaluate as incorrect there.


Grammarly - Plans

Free plan

In the free plan, the app offers basic writing suggestions:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Conciseness
Try Free Plan >>

Premium plan

In the premium plan, you can improve your texts for administrative or professional purposes:

  • Everything in the free version +
  • Clarity-focused sentence rewrites
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Word choice
  • Formality level
  • Fluency
  • Additional advanced suggestions
Try Premium Plan >>

Business plan

Grammarly also offers a business plan for groups of 3 to 149 members.

This makes it possible to consolidate the way of writing in a team, helping you to maintain the organization, simplify communication between all members, establish competencies, and assign tasks.

Grammarly - Business plan

It is also much easier to establish this application financially if you are the owner of your own company. In the best possible version of Grammarly, you get:

  • Everything in Premium +
  • Company style guide
  • Admin panel
  • Centralized billing
  • Priority email support
  • Account roles and permissions
  • Single sign-on
Try Business Plan >>

The previously mentioned website also works as a plagiarism checker ; you do not need to download the application directly to the device, just use the online platform to check the originality of your text.

Grammarly - Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly works with ProQuest databases that map more than 16 billion websites.

If your text matches an already existing text on the internet, you will receive a plagiarism alert.

The premium version of Grammarly extends this feature to help you find the source of the text, and also suggests various adjustments to make your work as original as possible.

Even if your text is written in the plagiarism checker on the Grammarly website, it remains hidden and no one but you can see it.

The system is used, for example, by the University of Phoenix, Ashford University, Arizona State University, and California State University of Fullerton, and it serves both students and teachers in the correction of academic texts.

Grammatical correctness often means the difference between B and A grades, so if you want to submit your work with 100% perfect completion, you can check your essay on the website.

Grammarly will automatically check for grammatical errors, detect possible plagiarism, show you how to refine your vocabulary, and suggest the use of synonyms to make the text unique.

This feature even evaluates the tone of your essay, i.e. a confident, worried, or direct tone, and leads your writing in a direction that is confident and fluent.

This particular feature of the app is appreciated by students of UCLA, Harvard, and MIT, and you can also get it with the premium version of Grammarly.

Companies like Cisco, Expensify, and Dell use a version of Grammarly in the business package, which allows them to take advantage of snippets.

Text snippets act as pre-written phrases that create a corporate email template.

All users in the team share common snippets, thus promoting consistency and the same text tone specific to the entire company.

It may sound like every email written by anyone in the company will sound the same, which is not a negative feature, but team members can always come up with new phrases and share them, save time, increase team productivity, and strengthen communication.

By combining all of the previously mentioned features, the team leader can improve the performance of the entire company through the analysis provided by the Grammarly application.

Customer feedback and text quality evaluated by Grammarly can reveal any shortcomings in communication, thus forming the desired brand tone and increasing the effectiveness of written texts.

Pros and Cons

Grammarly - Pros

The text that we write serves in many cases as our characterization.

Proper grammar is therefore the easiest way to say that you are consistent and reliable, and that you care about your overall first impression when meeting other people.

The statistics portrayed below can give you a better overview of Grammarly, an application that allows you to get those communications out and feel confident that you are doing your best to write as well as possible.

  • 76% of Grammarly users find writing more enjoyable
  • 85% of Grammarly users are now stronger writers
  • 70% of Grammarly users reported an increased level of writing confidence

However, some issues might not suit everyone, such as pricing or compatibility for a specific device. Let’s take a look at all of the advantages and disadvantages of Grammarly.


Grammarly For Sales Teams


The biggest advantage of the Grammarly application is its availability. You can download it online, the version with basic features is completely free of charge, the installation takes no more than a minute, and an instant tutorial on how to use it is also provided.

A small green icon with a curved arrow appears every time you use the keyboard and is immediately ready to help you to correct written messages.

Easy to use

Overall, the Grammarly app is well-arranged; it only appears when you really need it, and you can simply turn it off when it bothers you.

Everything you need to use is hidden in a small icon on the screen, and you do not need to click through multiple pop-up windows to get to the desired functions.

Educational potential

Some may say that Word and common, built-in chat software can do the same thing as Grammarly.

And they are not wrong, because that software really can do it. Other software apps underline typos and make only a minimal effort to help you correct your mistakes.

Grammarly goes even further and, in addition to pointing out typos, it immediately provides the most suitable alternatives. Thinking about the right form of a word is no longer so time-consuming.

Such a procedure can also function as a pleasant form of education. This means that the more you write, the more mistakes you make, and the more grammar rules you learn with Grammarly.


The application is supported by all common operating systems, including Windows and Apple, you can use it in Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and it is compatible with MS Office and Google Docs.

It also works on mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads.

The reliability of this application is supported by well-known journalism companies such as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, TechCrunch, and Forbes.

Variety of plans

Grammarly's various packages allow you to choose the one that suits you best, so you don't have to pay for features you won't use. If you only need a basic package of services, you can get an application or online services for free.

If you need to write fluently, Grammarly will offer you an adequate package of features in the premium version.

In the case that you want to procure Grammarly for all the team members in your company, you don't have to pay for each one separately, as the business package will cover all your professional writing needs.

In any case, getting the application is advantageous, and Grammarly meets the requirements of every potential writer.


Low-end devices’ performance

When writing, the Grammarly app consumes a certain amount of RAM, as for its purpose it is necessary to have it turned on as a background process.

This is not a problem for more powerful computers, and if you do not do anything other than type on the device, you will not notice a processor slowdown. However, if you’re writing on a low-end device or computer with poor components, the application might slow it down a little.

Thanks to easy access to the control panel by right-clicking on the Grammarly icon, it is possible to maintain the process, and you can temporarily turn off its function or block its operation in programs chosen by you. If the glowing green icon distracts you while you are writing, you can turn it off for one hour and then it will reappear on its own to check your text.

On the other hand, we are living in the 21st century, so there shouldn’t be too many users with low-end devices.

Business plan’s pricing

If you are a member of a start-up team and need to use the Grammarly business plan, the price can be a bit surprising.

However, it is necessary to look at the services provided in the long term, as the application saves a lot of time and allows each team member to correct texts on their own. It also helps to build a good reputation for the company through prompt communication with customers.

After all, it always costs a little something to build a company’s good name.

Only a few features in the basic version

The disadvantage of the application is that the free version comes with only the basic functions that are sufficient for common use and will help you correct only serious grammatical errors.

However, if you want to write at a professional level, we recommend that you get an extended premium version for a complete correction of any kind of text you create.


Do I have to pay for Grammarly?

No. The basic version of the application with functions for common, non-academic writing is completely free. If you need more advanced features, you need to pay for the premium or business version.

Will Grammarly fix all the typos for me automatically?

No. The application will only offer possible solutions to the problem, but the final version of the text depends solely on your decision. Grammarly will not do anything without your approval.

How many devices can I use Grammarly on?

You can use Grammarly on five devices. To use the app on a new device, you'll need to enter the email associated with your Grammarly account and simply sign in.

Are there any limitations when using Grammarly?

You can use the app on up to five devices, but you can only check up to 100 documents or 50,000 words daily; the monthly limit for checks is 300 documents and 150,000 words.

Does Grammarly support any languages other than English?

The application currently only supports English; however, it focuses on the grammar differences in British, American, Canadian, and Australian English.


The final verdict for the Grammarly application is that it never hurts to have a helper who can save you from making a trivial mistake in an important email.

We used Grammarly while creating this text, and it helped us a lot.

Since the basic version of the application is completely free, it will not affect your wallet in any way, and it is great to learn something new, simple, and useful every once in a while.

Every internet user needs to write grammatically correctly in order to find the right information and get to the desired result in the simplest way possible, and Grammarly can save a lot of time by guiding you.

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More than 330 billion emails are sent around the world every day, and yours can easily excel among them with its flawlessness if you use the services of Grammarly.

The application does not force you into anything, and if you do not want to write like a native speaker, it will not charge you a penny.

If Grammarly distracts you too much while you are writing, it is possible to block it on certain pages and write freely, without any grammar rules at all.

However, frequent use of the application has a positive impact on constantly improving the quality, accuracy, and consistency of your text.

Who knows, maybe Grammarly will even motivate you to write more, and one day, it will be a reason why you get a compliment from your recipients.Try Grammarly >>

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